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If I had a million dollars...daydreaming about winning the lottery with Lottoland

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To quote one of my favourite bands, Barenaked Ladies, what would I do 'if I had a million dollars?'. The song offers quite a few fun suggestions:

- A house
- Furniture for the house
- A nice Reliant automobile
- A fur coat (but not a real fur coat, that's cruel)
- An exotic pet, like a llama or an emu
- Take a limousine because it costs more
- Some art, like a Picasso
- A monkey

- 'If I had a million dollars, I'd buy your love'

It's one of my favourite BNL songs and it's also a question I've asked myself many a time, as I'm sure we all have.

If I were to win the lottery, what would I spend my winnings on?

Me: It's almost impossible to imagine that large amount of money. My plans would involve both the sensible and the impulsive - I just wouldn't be able to resist a bit of a splash to celebrate!

First of all, I'd buy a house for both my parents and my in-laws, each. I'd then give our closest friends a nice lump sum to help them with their future plans. I'd also set up a trust fund for Ethan, for university and to help him on the property ladder when the time comes.

Once I'd taken care of our loved ones, I'd but a new house. Not something ridiculous, but something with plenty of space. I recently went to a party at a barn conversion and the house and the land was incredible. Perhaps I would actually build our own house, exactly the way we want it?

As another cliche, I would buy a new car; a VW Campervan, called Betty if she were blue.

We'd then take a big American trip and cover off everywhere from New York to Miami to Florida. I'd quite like to go to Canada too. And Norway again. And the land down-under... lots of travel then, I guess!

I'd want to keep working but would have the flexibility to decide what I wanted to do and whether I could strike out on my own and start something from the beginning. I've always said that I would set up an animal sanctuary too. 

And of course, I would go to my local Cath Kidston store, have them close it just for me and go on a shopping spree of my life. Followed by a spa weekend with all our friends and family and a big party to celebrate.

Best stop there, otherwise I'll run out of imaginary money...!

Stephen: What would I do if I won the lottery? I've thought about this numerous times over the years (who hasn't?!?), and I honestly think what I would do, aside from the obvious stuff like buy a big house somewhere nice, give away a lot to my nearest and dearest, would be to just go back to university and study things that interested me, whether that be anthropology, psychology, archaeology or any other 'ology'. 

I like learning new things and would one day like to do my masters, and perhaps even go for a doctorate, but with 'real life' always getting in the way, it becomes very difficult. 

With the free time that winning a substantial sum of money would grant me, I would use it to better myself. Oh, and I'd buy the most amazing home cinema system money could buy, with a dozen or so reclining chairs so that we could do proper movie nights, popcorn and all.

Ethan: First of all, I'd buy ALL the Paw Patrol toys I could find, and I'd hit the Disney store too - can never have too many cuddly toys!

I'd then get Mummy and Daddy to take me to Disneyland so I could meet all my favourite characters and have lots of fun.

I'd also buy shares in biscuits. I love biscuits, and would never run out if my Mummy and Daddy won lots of money.


One day, eh?

Well, you have to be in it to win it and there's a way you can be in with more than once chance of winning. Lottoland gives you the chance to do lotto betting - make a bet on official lottery draws from around the world, guessing which lottery balls, or numbers, will be drawn, for the channce to win prizes.

I'm not much of a gambler myself but this seems like a simple enough idea (I've had a quick play) and I do have a flutter on the lottery every now and then, so this is a different way to have some fun - and hopefully, some luck!

From Euromillions to the Irish Lottery and Powerball (the American lottery), there's lots you can get involved with. It's worth a shot...


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  1. I would completely spend it on a house - so sick of renting at the minute.


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