Monday, 14 November 2016

...interiors: our bedroom makeover reveal

A couple of weeks' ago, we gave our bedroom a fresh new look. Having completely overhauled the lounge and updated the hallway back in May, I wanted to give our bedroom a new lease of life. I have never been happy with it; due to the placement of the window, door and radiator, we can't do too much with the layout and we have a really big bed that's extra long due to how tall hubs is.

Over three years ago, we bought a new wardrobe that was shorter but longer, and we discovered a new way to position it to open up floor space - just in time for baby Ethan's arrival, and the cot bed being added to our room for those first six months.

Around 18 months ago, I bought a dressing table. I have always wanted one and the position of the wardrobe gave me the opportunity to add one along the left hand wall and I am so glad we did this. Every morning I sit here and get ready and it makes use of space that would otherwise serve no purpose at all.

On to the makeover... with a small budget, our aim was to create a different feel to the room. It's been blue, green, white and even one wall had brick wallpaper on it at one point, so we've tried things over the years to make it feel more roomy. The trouble was, I never found it to be inviting and for me, the bedroom should be somewhere you want to snuggle.

Here's how it looked like as our makeover began...

So my main aims were to change the colour scheme, add depth through texture and make the space feel welcoming. I had seen a few ideas and swatches in home magazines that gave me inspiration for a kind of luxurious winter theme and I went with it, picking details from layered bedding, shelving and cushions from George at Asda, Wilkos and Ikea.

We painted three walls in Stardust, a soft grey with an ever so slight purple edge to it, from Wilkos. I love the effect and it's light enough to make the room still feel airy but deep enough so that it feels snug at the same time.

On the wall the wardrobe mainly covers and our bed rests against, we went for Midnight Blue, from Asda (be warned though, this paint really had a potent smell!). It was a bold choice but I wanted to add depth and richer colours feel really indulgent.

Bedding was a big focus for our new look bedroom. I found a lovely new design in George at Asda and this really was the basis of the colours and tones for the rest of the room. We bought midnight blue sheets and pillows - extra ones, that are positioned upright against the headboard for comfort - and then I picked up a silver padded blanket with sequin detail and a velvet throw that's super soft, both from Wilko, to layer up and add warmth. 

The different textures work really well together and suit the luxurious winter inspired idea I had in mind. Two big cord style cushions (£7 each or two for £10 at the time), a snuggle cushion and two letter cushions (£5 each), all from Asda, are piled up at the head of the bed to create a focal point and something that makes me just want to leap into bed every time I see it.

We threw away our old curtains and for now, I actually really like the clean lines that our Ikea blinds create. These are genius too, as each rod has magnets in itso you can easily move the blinds up and fix them at your preferred height. They're priced from just £11 each too, and we have them in three other rooms.

Above our bed, we fitted a chunky floating shelf bought in Ikea for £15 that runs almost from one side to the other. On the wall we face when we're in bed, we re-hung three black and white photos from our wedding and then used an old book ledge shelf from Ikea that we had taken down from the kitchen to create a small floating shelf for added interest. 

On the wall my dressing table sits against, we rehung two prints I'd bought online a couple of years ago, with a dream / love theme, plus a beautiful mirror that my parents used to have years ago in their room. It's art nouveau featuring a painted illustration of a woman, by my favourite artist Mucha, and I have fond memories of this mirror hanging in my family home. 

I've never had anywhere to display it before but it just kind of works now and again, it's added a personal touch and a bit of interest to a previously bare wall. This wall and the one opposite follows a rule of three, so three pieces hanging up, so this works to bring the scheme together. 

Finishing touches came in the form of a paper star lantern from Ikea, haning in one corner, a sequin bedside lamp and matching shade for the main light (both Asda) and then grey textured storage boxes (£5 each, Wilkos) to make the top of my wardrobe much tidier and organised.

The overall feeling of the room now is one of calm, relaxation and luxury. It feels grown up - and not too feminine or too masculine - we have made the whole room work together and feel personal to us and for the first time, I really love spending time in there, even when I'm awake.

I'll be sharing another post, shelf life, on Wednesday, all about the two floating shelves in our bedroom and how I have arranged them, and a tour of my dressing table on Thursday, so pop back if you'd like to see more photos.


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