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Creative curls - review of Curlformers hair styling kit

I'm well known as the girl who changes her hair. A lot. From different styles to many different colours - and sometimes more than one at a time - I like to experiment and change my look up.

One thing I can't do, very well at least, is style my hair. More often than not, it's down and straight, sometimes with a twist at the bottom. It's not that I don't love other looks; it's more that I find it hard to recreate them on myself (it's always easier doing someone else's hair, don't you think?) and I often don't think a style will suit.

For special occasions, or when I can be bothered to do more than a quick blowdry and GHD routine, I will curl my hair. To varying degrees of success. To date, I've used sleep-in rollers, which are great for volume but do make it hard to lie on a pillow as your head is mahoosive, the bendy foam curlers, which are fool proof to use but more for a general wave / more of a messy look, and then my GHD's, although I can never create those loose curls that hairdressers seem to achieve with ease.

Step-in Curlformers.

A sweet way to spend a Saturday - Carex launch event at Mr Simms

* Sponsored post

Never one to turn down an invitation, I headed to Liverpool on Saturday for a launch event for anyone with a sweet tooth.

I really like Liverpool having visited a few months ago for a hen do so it was nice to have another reason to go back. This time, Carex had invited me especially to cover the launch of their new Love Hearts hand wash at old fashioned sweet shop, Mr Simms.

There couldn't be a more fitting place really, could there?!

10 things my toddler has taught me

Coming up for three years ago now, I wrote a post about the skills you learn when you become a mum for the first time and I thought it would be fun to do the same kind of post again, now that I have a toddler - and a spirited one at that!

These past couple of weeks, I have seen such a change in Ethan. He's always been chatty, sure of himself and able to tell us what's going on, but now he's reached a whole new level. He's picked up new phrases, can use different tenses when he speaks and he's not afraid to pick us up on something if he thinks we're wrong.

I continue to be amazed by him and it's made me realise that as much as he learns from us, we are learning a lot from him, too.

So, here's a few things my toddler has taught me...

Spread the love, not germs Carex Love Hearts launch at Mr Simms, Liverpool ONE, this Saturday!

* PR collaboration

This weekend, I'm heading to Liverpool for a fun new launch from Carex. I tried some of their Fun Edition products at the start of the year and their hand wash has become a sink side staple ever since; on hand to keep our hands clean and a part of Ethan's routine he really gets into.

Launched for summer, Carex has introduced a special new hand wash to their collection, and it's an exciting collaboration too. The new Fun Edition hand wash is... Love Hearts!

New Flying Tiger store in Birmingham - review and haul post

I love finding new stores and if they're quirky and offer a broad range of bits and bobs, I'm there quicker than you can say 'pass me the shopping basket!'.

That's why when I heard that Flying Tiger was coming to Selfridges, Bullring, Birmingham, I couldn't resist a lunch time trip.

I'd first seen Flying Tiger - previously known just as Tiger - from the store that popped up in the old Woolworths space in Grand Central. A friend had been in and come back with an array of goodies and so I had to check it out for myself. And then when I went to Benidorm for a hen do at the end of May, I saw that they had some stores too and even then I couldn't resist buying a few bits and bobs.

In a similar vein to IKEA and HEMA, Flying Tiger sells an eclectic range of products for the home, for children and for any number of reasons you can think of. It's a brand from Copenhagen and it's fresh, fun and affordable to, with so many items just being a couple of pounds.

A review for AO.com - Vax Power Pet C85-P4-Pe Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

I was recently invited to be a reviewer for appliance specialists AO.com and was kindly given the chance to try out a new vacuum cleaner.

With Ethan always creating crumbs plus a scruffy dog and two cats, keeping our floors clean is a real challenge and just one of those jobs that always needs doing.

Our previous vacuum cleaner was of the bagged variety and the bags have now been discontinued - so our new Vax Power Per C85-P4-Pe Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner arrived just in the nick of time.

Be good to you - Begu tea review

Earlier this week, I wrote about trying to find time for 'me' time, and there's one thing that has well and truly become part of my routine, as a daily treat or a pick me up - Begu tea.

I've always enjoyed a cup of T and have tried various flavoured teas, but I'm often disappointed by the lack of taste. Fruit teas often smell better than they taste but with Begu, I've been onto a winner.

The Chinese see tea as an art form, and the act of making tea has a great deal of ceremony and occasion around it. Aside from my essential cup of English Breakfast first thing when I wake up, I've been trying the Begu tea blends as an alternative to coffee (I was having way too much, too often) and to give me something sweet to enjoy (to stop me snacking so much).

Begu is actually a holistic lifestyle brand and I really like the whole ethos. I'm trying to focus more on wellbeing and have found that drinking specialist tea is a treat but also fits in to a more mindful lifestyle.

Is a bullet journal for you?

If you're a stationery addict / hoarder like me, you'll no doubt have heard about bullet journals. An idea from America, as these things often are, a bullet journal is a form of note-taking that has a few rules and symbols connected with it, but generally can be set it up in any notebook and in any way that works for you.

The main thing is you use your bullet journal to mind dump everything in your head, organise your life and also reflect on what you have and want to achieve.

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