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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Mummy and Me June 2015

Little man is a blur in many photos at the moment but I do have a new Mummy and Me photo to share with you from June which - I actually have two, which is more than I have some months!

I'm all too often the one taking the photos, and seeing opportunities, so again, I'm reminding myself to get in on the photo action more.

You may have seen this photo as it's my new profile pic. It was taken on Father's Day and took a few attempts to make sure we both had our eyes open and that Ethan wasn't a big blur, and we are both putting on our very best cheesy grins:

And here's a photo from my Sister-in-Law's wedding last weekend. The quality may not be great but it's a lovely moment that a member of the family managed to capture. I hope that their official photographer managed to get one or two of me with Ethan, or us as a family, but I really do like this one too:

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes


Me & Mine June 2015

Last month, our Me & Mine photo was taken at Ethan's second birthday party. This month, we took the opportunity on our day out to National Trust's Baddesley Clinton to take some family photos using our camera's remote control and with a lovely meadow as a backdrop.

It really is tricky for us to get a photo all together and the weeks just fly by so I'm glad that we remembered and had such a nice location for our photos.

They are by no means perfect but that's not really the point, is it? I want to remember us how we were, not try to emulate the look of another family or just capture stilted shots.

So, here's the latest additions to our family album...

dear beautiful

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Bath time fun time

Ethan loves bath time and we are very lucky that this has always been the case. We all know it's recommended as part of a successful bedtime routine and for our little man, it seems to work.

He can stay in the water, splashing around and playing with his toys for a long time, and when he comes out, his hands and feet are all wrinkly like prunes, which he finds most strange.

We won a whole hamper of bath toys this time last year, and these help to make bath time a fun time in our house, but I've also found something new.

Cussons Mum and Me has a new special bath time range called Little Explorers, which features gentle bubble baths and cleansers as well as a few clever additions that are designed to make things even more fun and to help little ones learn how to wash themselves.

Having received samples, I took my little explorer, a bath full of bubbles and his favourite bath toy, Putin the sea captain penguin, and had some splashy fun.

First of all, the Mega Mild Bubbly Bath. It has a nice, subtle scent and foamed quite quickly in th hub under running water.

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