I've made it to 32 weeks in good health, both physical and mental, and am at the stage where we are starting to countdown, rather than counting up as the weeks of this pregnancy go by. As everyone keeps saying, baby could decide to arrive early, so really we are five weeks away from that being a likely possiblility...

Oh. My. Gosh.

We're really are having a baby, aren't we?!

Here's an update on how my pregnancy has been going now that I am well and truly in my third trimester (you can catch up with my pregnancy announcement, 12 week pregnancy update, 18 week pregnancy update AND second trimester post too, to catch up on anything you may have missed)...

In case the colours of my blog and most recent posts on here and on Instagram didn't give you a hint, I LOVE autumn! A big part of this is of course the changing of the seasons outside, seeing the leaves change colour and fall from the trees, and wrapping up to go out and enjoy it all.

Warm colours, comfy boots and snugly scarves are some of my favourite things about the season.

Being 32 weeks pregnant, I am trying to remain active but also conscious of not overdoing it too, and of being a bit steadier on my feet. This is all good news to our dog, Watson, as he isn't that fond of walking too far, or of wet weather, so a quick trot around the block and home again for cuddles does the trick.

When I first blogged for Natural Birthing Company, I was sharing the story of my journey tobecome mum first time around, and how we found out we were expecting our secondbaby, due in early December. My first trimester was full of anticipation, nerves and some anxiety, I have to be honest, as having experienced a miscarriage last year, we were far more cautious this time around. We had extra, private scans early on to be sure everything was going ok and it was nice to finally reveal to everyone our happy news when all the signs looked positive.

So, how has the second trimester been? You can see this post over on the NBC website too, as I am a blogger ambassador for them, but there's lots to cover, so I have shared it here too to keep you up to date...

Well, I do have to say I feel like I have been pregnant a LONG time, but that isn’t in a bad way - I really do enjoy having a bump and, touch wood, everything is going well and I am feeling good. In fact, during the course of my second trimester, my overall health and well-being seems to have improved a lot; my skin has been really clear, my hair seems to be growing and thickening and I do feel good in myself. I had one or two days around 24 weeks where I suddenly felt quite sad, for no apparent reason, but it didn’t develop into anything and I talked to my husband about how I was feeling, so I’m putting it down to pregnancy hormones.

I have gone a little pumpkin crazy, you could say. We went pumpkin picking at Essington Farm last weekend (glad we did, as it's tipping down today...) and brought home six pumpkins in varying sizes and colours. I'm getting a healthy dose of pumpkin spice lattes. And even my wardrobe is being taken over by the colours of the season.

I just bloomin' love autumn!

I am also loving time with my family, especially as we are the countdown to when bump turns into baby. Ethan is very excited and has been very caring and protective over me during my pregnancy, and this photo I know I will cherish as both my little pumpkins are with me, just before our life changes all over again and I become a mum of two.

Can't wait to revisit next year with a 10 month old in tow...

The big night of bidding goodbye to your bachelorhood is one of the most important nights in an engaged man’s life. The celebration of his singlehood, before he becomes a husband and leads a happily married life, has been a long standing tradition enjoyed and followed for years now.

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Autumn is my favourite time of year. What's not to love? Beautiful colours as the season changes, the arrival of pumpkin spice lattes, warm cardigans, boots and blankets to cosy up in and of course, pumpkins!

Having something of a pumpkin myself being carried around with me (I'm currently 31 weeks pregnant), I couldn't wait to go out this year to a local pumpkin patch to pick some of our own, in different colours, shapes and sizes, and to take the chance of getting some autumnal family photos.

And to think, this time next year, we can go out to the farm again with baby along for the ride too...

We visited Essington Farm, near Wolverhampton. It's well signposted from the M54, free to enter and you pay for what you pick. This was the first weekend they opened their pumpkin fields to the public, and they are open every day until Halloween itself, with tractor rides to the furthest field running at weekends (check their website for details).

Both hubs and I were huge dinosaur fans when we were growing up, so it's probably no surprise that Ethan loves these prehistoric creatures too (well, we did create a dinosaur themed playroom - now his bedroom - when he was just a few months old)...

Jurassic Park is one of those films that has stood the test of time and one that we still enjoy very much to this day. Ste has fond memories of seeing it at the cinema with his mum when it was first released and I used to happily spend a Sunday afternoon re-watching it on VHS tape.

When we heard that Jurassic Park would be live in concert at Symphony Hall Birmingham, we naturally jumped at the chance to have an afternoon of dino-sized fun.

Pale, prone to freckles and moles, up and down.
Doesn't tan much, more fond of shades of pink that sun-kissed brown.
Not something really thought about, it's just a part of me.
A part of me that everyone can see.

A red blotch appears one day.
And doesn't seem to want to go away.
Some moisture here, a good scrub there.
But it doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

The patch becomes quite angry and sore.
It makes it's presence known, until I can't ignore it anymore.
Soon, this patch isn't alone, and more appear.
Another on my head, my arm, and then under here.

This isn't just a little itch to scratch.
My skin feels tingly and hot like a match.
It's spreading all over now, it just won't stop.
I think about it an awful lot.

Once just something never thought about.
Is something that I want to shout about.
I used to have some of my skin on show.
Now I hide it wherever I go.

Who wants to see red exposed skin?
No-one needs to know what I am living with.
Leggings in summer, long-sleeves a must.
A condition revealed only to those I trust.

Every day, it's hard not to let it overcome.
Who you are, what you do, how you have fun.
Your skin feels like it's against you.
And that it'll do what it likes, no matter what you do.

Everyone's different, and will respond in different ways.
To lotions and potions, applied several times a day.
Eating better, staying calm, getting fit.
You've got to try lots of things, do your bit.

When you find something that works for you.
Oh, how amazing that feeling is, it's true.
To have something take away some of the worst.
Make you feel in control, you're so happy you could burst.

It's something you need to build in each day.
Make time for yourself, treat your skin this way.
Regular care and attention can be the change.
So one day, you won't have to hide again.

A hen night is one of the most special nights for a bride to be and also one of the precious duties of a maid of honour. While hen parties are usually made up of lots of booze, dancing and hen do activities, it doesn’t have to mean that a pregnant bride cannot have fun at her last night as a Ms.

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Booze can be replaced with non-alcoholic margaritas, there can still be a little bit of casual dancing, nothing too strenuous and there are plenty of hen do activities for an expecting bride to enjoy. Depending on how far along the bride is in her pregnancy, you can plan a day or an entire weekend filled with relaxed and yet fun activities that will make for a memorable hen do.

With some 10 weeks or so left to go, our baby preparations really need to kick up a notch as I'd love to get everything sorted with a few weeks' to spare. If you are in nesting mode or even if you've just seen those blue lines appear for the first time, a trip to The Baby Show is well worth it, for ideas, hands-on experience and expert advice too.

This October, The Baby Show, with MadeForMums, will be taking place from Friday 19th until Sunday 21st October at Olympia London. It is a must-attend event that gives visitors the opportunity to compare, try and buy – all under one roof! I've been to the show in Birmingham a few times now and have always found it to be worthwhile, especially as you can see so many things up close and give them a go before you buy.

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How To Make Sash Windows More Efficient
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Simple draught-proofing
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