My latest beauty faves

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

It's been a while since I wrote a beauty post but I'be tried a few new things recently and some of them won't be leaving my make-up bag any time soon.

First to give my make-up bag a breath of fresh spring-inspired air is these nail varnishes. I tend to stick to Essie for longevity but I loved these Rita Ora for Rimmel shades and they haven't been too bad for chips to be honest, plus the colours are bold and apply really evenly. At £2,99, they've brightened up my look in an instant.

The week that was #13

Monday, 20 April 2015

Let's take a look at the past week in my corner of the world...

DOING The week started with a rare child-free day. I was due to have a day off, carried over from the week before, and Ethan went to nursery as normal so I had some time on my hands to do, well, whatever I wanted.

Hmm. What first?

My plan was to do a spot of blogging and then catch up on my family scrapbook as it's been a while since I had time to do something creative. But, when I set foot through the door, the nursery called to say little man hadn't been himself and he had a temperature. I'd felt guilty about taking the day for myself and even more so after getting this call. I picked him up and after a sandwich on the sofa, Ethan and I had a really nice day together.

He was a little out of sorts, but Calpol and a dab of Bongela seemed to make a difference, as did several naps and dozens of cuddles, all upon his request. Maybe he just needed a Mummy day? Whatever was the case, it was actually a really lovely day and he was right as rain by bedtime.

Bedtime reading

Thursday, 16 April 2015

The collection of children's books I started long before Ethan was even a twinkle in my eye has been put to good use recently as Ethan's interest has grown as he has.

He's always loved books but now he remembers stories, recognises characters and each night, comes up to us and says 'Mummy, bed. Booht!' (his word for book). We go upstairs, he sits in bed, he tells me to sit so I do, on a cushion on the floor, and I read him a book; usually The Gruffalo (which he knows all the parts to and loves to guess the next word or action) or Paddington.

Many of his other books are treasuries and story collections and I've found that these aren't so good to read at bedtime as they're either incomplete stories, too advanced or too long, at least for the age he is now.

My favourite author and illustrator is Oliver Jeffers, who I have written about before,  and we have all of his books except one. They are beautifully put together and touching to read so I have moved these from display in our dining room to Ethan's bedroom so they're ready for bedtime now.

A belated 'the week that was' post #12

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

This is a little later than usual, seeing as we are well into a new week, but it's a busy time at the moment for various reasons and I just ran out of time.

At the weekend, I decided to try and rest - actually rest, properly - and was going to catch up on Monday as I had a rare day at home, just to myself. Sadly, Ethan was out of sorts so I collected him again from nursery, felt guilty for having taken him there when I was free anyway, then we had a day of sofa and snuggles to see things right.

So, what have I been getting up to?

Well, I thought I'd let the pictures do most of the talking this time...

It's been a week of spending lots of time with this little fella, including a great day out as a family to Thomas Land - he'll be two in just a few weeks and I shared my latest letter to him at 23 months.

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