Welcome to To Become Mum - a UK family & lifestyle blog written by me, Kelly, mum to Ethan (born May 2013) and Sullivan (born December 2018), who lives in Staffordshire with her husband and menagerie of pets and who started documenting her life, loves and adventures in motherhood in 2012. A lot has changed in that time!

My own journey to become mum began in 2013 when my son, Ethan, was born. Since then, I've realised that becoming mum isn't something that just happens when you hold your child for the first time; it's a journey (with many twists and turns) that never ends.

TBM began as a blog about our family life and has evolved to become an information-based site full of ideas, advice and reviews on everything from parenting, style and beauty to interiors, food and days out.

Grab a cuppa and have a look around…

This corner of the internet has always been about sharing my route through parenthood and the milestones and memories along the way, but it's also about something else. The way I see it, us mums need to stick together but whilst being a mum is amazing - the greatest role you can ever play - you still need a little time to be 'you' as well. 

Sometimes you can lose yourself. To Become Mum is about real life, real inspiration and finding ways to put the 'me' into mummy.

So you can find me here, being mum, being me and everything in between.

I hope that you enjoy my blog and if it makes you smile, introduces you to something new or helps you feel reassured in any way, then that's just brilliant.

Do stop by and say hello either on here, by following me on Bloglovin', by emailing me at tobecomemum@gmail.com, by tweeting me @tobecomemum or following one of my Instagram accounts: @tobecomemum@tobecomestyle@tobecomehome.

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I am part of several parenting and blogger networks, and am proud to have been featured most recently on the Brand Ballot guide to the top 200 parenting blogs for 2018. I'm in good company too, and it's great to see my little blog on such prominent platforms. Thank you to Brand Ballot, and everyone who stops by this space now and again to see what I am up to.

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Disclaimer: Whether being mum or being me, I like to share things that I like or enjoy, be it products, services, or places - basically, if it's relevant to me, my son / family or my lifestyle or I like something a lot, I like to talk about it!

All the thoughts within this blog are my own. This is my online diary and includes my opinions on a variety of topics of interest to me. I'm not an expert but I know what I like and I am keen to share products and services that I recommend with my followers just like I enjoy reading about them on other blogs.

All products or experiences featured on my blog are my own and purchased with my own money, unless otherwise stated. I will always be honest and fair as my readers trust my opinion and my posts must have real value and reflect my own experiences.

All photography and content is my own, again unless otherwise stated, so please don't use it without my permission.

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