Tuesday 11 December 2012

19 Week Scan

At 19 weeks today, I went with Ste to have our 20 week (or anomaly) scan to make sure little bean has all its fingers and toes, with everything growing as it should.

And the good news is, it is!

Even though bubs seemed determined to have a little snooze rather than show the nice sonographer its spine and bottom, meaning I had to jiggle my tummy around to try and make bean move, they measured everything they needed to and there's nothing to worry about.


I felt a little faint part way through - I think I was just hot and all the prodding was getting a little much. I had some water and felt fine again, but I did feel a little poked and prodded afterwards - like a giant mouse mat.

It was amazing to see all the details so clear on the screen. You could see all the fingers and toes, the chambers of the heart, its stomach, kidneys, ribs and spine. Even it's little nose.

It was a lovely experience and really made things seem very real. We're having a baby!

Little bean, 19 weeks old, growing very nicely

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