Sunday 23 December 2012

20 weeks

This week I reached the half way point. Yep, I'm halfway to be becoming mum!

Still feeling well, aside from a little heartburn now and then and feeling a little cumbersome when turning over in bed or getting off the sofa. In fact, we've just switched the slightly sturdy sofa from the dining room with one in the lounge which was quite low and too deep for me to get off of without a lot of wiggling. It can only get worse the bigger I become so glad we made the switch now.

On Wednesday, I felt a little flip in my tummy when my cat Arty was padding on my lap but it was quite small. Then on Friday, I was laying on the bed and felt a flip in my tummy but again, it didn't last long and when I concentrated, I couldn't feel anything.

So, it could be baby starting to say hello or my mind playing tricks on me. Either way, it can't be too long before I feel bubs as I'm certainly showing. Here's a pic of me last night in all my bumpy glory:

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