Tuesday 4 December 2012

A bumpy Christmas

I love Christmas but this year is even more special. I'm so pleased to have a bump for the Christmas period - sure, I'd love a mulled wine at the Frankfurt market and I will miss my traditional glass of port when opening presents.

However, it's all worth it as we know this our last Christmas as a twosome - ever!

I think that's why I've really thrown myself into the season this year from an early stage. I made my cards weeks ago and wrote them at the weekend. I had 90% of our presents bought by 30th October. I've been making chocolate truffles, gingerbread and fudge for gifts. I've even made my own crackers tonight for an early Christmas with friends this weekend. The decs also went up on Saturday and we dedicated the whole day to getting in the festive spirit.

At a time when work is super busy and I should probably be putting my feet up, I'm trying to do as much as I can to make this Christmas the best one yet and to make an extra effort with family and friends. I love making other people happy and I guess I know that next year, all of my making and baking will probably be pretty much impossible.

Here's a snapshot of our Christmas so far and the bits and pieces I've been doing to make this a memorable year to look back on.



  1. Wow I love all your home made gifts and treats! Wish I had the energy for this. Looking forward to reading about your pregnancy journey - I too, am expecting our first baby!

    Amy x

    1. Thank you Amy! I love making things and know that next year I probably won't have any time or energy to do it :) I've been really lucky so far with no sickness so hope that bubs continues to behave!

      Congratulations on your news - I'll certainly keep an eye out for your updates too. It's nice to meet another new mum-to-be.

      Kelly x


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