Thursday 10 January 2013

23 weeks

Baby is saying hello more and more this week and I can see a pattern of their movements. It still gives me a shock when I get a big kick but it's a wonderful, unusual and crazy feeling.

I think bubs even had hiccups the other day! Hubs also thought he felt a ripple across my tummy which was really nice. Still feeling well and doing my best to rest this week. Work is crazy this month with lots of meetings, new leads and new projects to get off the ground which is great - just trying to keep my stress levels in check and make sure I enjoy some me time. Hubs also went back to work in Leeds this week so getting into our usual work routine again.

Say hello to bump, aged 23 weeks...



  1. Congratulations Kelly! Pregnancy really suits you :) Looking forward to reading all about your journey! Karen x

  2. Thank you! It's all going so quickly but I hope to blog more often now x


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