Wednesday 24 April 2013

And so maternity leave begins...

Friday was my last day at work. On the Thursday, we celebrated with a Dominos lunch for everyone and I was very lucky to receive some lovely gifts including a Rosebud London Hobo Family Tree print changing bag from the team. It was a good thing that we did get together one day early as my last day was a little more hectic than planned - just as we'll I had organised my handover weeks in advance!

One of my best friends then came to stay on Saturday and she left yesterday. During her visit, we caught up, tidied up and shopped up a storm. After a day in the city on Monday, after which we we were both well and truly knackered, I still found a reason to shop some more yesterday - silly me, I'd forgotten to buy sheets for the carrycot mattress! Honestly, baby's really need so much stuff! This week we bought the baby monitor (BT Monitor & Pacifier, currently £20 off at Mamas and Papas, although this just brings it in line with the price on the BT website & A,atom) plus a baby carrier and a couple more sleepsuits.

Really, that should be it for us now.

It was nice to hang out and take our time getting the last things ready. We unpacked and packed my hospital bags again and the house is all in order. Now I am left to simply rest - something I'm trying hard to do!

Saw the midwife today and baby is doing well. Very wriggly and has a strong heartbeat, plus the head has started to engage which hopefully will continue to progress. I'll be back to see her this time next week if nothing happens in between and Ste will be working from home after this week so I've only got a couple of days here by myself (although with Watson, you're never alone!).


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