Sunday 14 April 2013

Project nursery - complete!

After months of gathering everything we need for baby, the nursery is now complete. The room has always been one of our favourites in the house as it has such a nice feeling about it but now it's definitely the nicest place to be.

Here's a quick run through of what we've done and the key parts of the nursery we have created:

- painted the room a soft yellow shade
- built our Mamas and Papas Pebble cot (in golden oak) with matching changing station
- cleared out the cupboard and organised the different sizes and types of baby clothes into coloured baskets, with nappy changing essentials in the drawers underneath
- changed the cupboard handles to ceramic designs featuring woodland creatures
- placed a rocking chair from Ikea in the corner of the room for nursing
- hung new rail and curtains
- used four staggered shelves to create a feature wall, displaying a collection of toys (including both of our own childhood teddy bears) and traditional children's books
- hung a variety of pictures, including three cross-stitch Winnie the Pooh framed designs made by my mother-in-law
- placed a wall vinyl above the cot featuring a quote from Winnie the Pooh
- set up the mobile, bedding, nappy stacker etc in the cot
- hung Jamboree bunting along one wall

It's hard to say what my favourite part of the room is; the musical big wheel picture frame, the collection of fairytales, the quotes on the walls. Here's some pictures of baby's room for you to enjoy:



  1. Gorgeous space! Such adorable little items for you little boy. x

    1. Thank you! It's such a lovely light room and although it's small, we wanted to fill it with lots of things for Ethan to look at and enjoy as he grows up. We also had to give our own teddy bears somewhere to live!


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