Tuesday 25 June 2013

Jeans that will love your mum tum and bum

Like every woman, there are things about myself I would like to change. And like every mum, I'm still getting used to my body now that baby is here.

In all honesty, I've been very lucky. During pregnancy, whilst my bump grew to quite an impressive, but rather beautiful, size, the rest of me pretty much stayed the same. I was fortunate enough to avoid swollen feet and I managed to wear most of my existing wardrobe (although maternity leggings, tights and long vest tops were my staples - read more about these here).

Having been for my postnatal appointment at the doctors, I've discovered that I've returned to my pre-pregnancy weight, minus 3lb - bonus! Now, I'm no skinny minny, but it was nice to see the scales being favourable as I had avoided any weigh-ins throughout those nine months I was growing a baby.

However, I still have a mum tum that needs to be kept under wraps. It's always been my problem area so I don't really feel too down about it now and I really think every mum should be proud of every dimple and every stretch mark. Your tum was your baby's first home and every mark is a reminder of those special months you shared so you should never feel ashamed - wear your wobble with pride!

With all that being said, I still would like a helping hand to keep me looking a bit more trim in the tum and finding a pair of jeans to suit my post pregnancy body was a key priority.

Thanks to New Look, my search is over. They have a special range of 'Shaper' jeans available in a variety of styles, whether you can rock a skinny or find bootcut to be the most flattering for your figure like me.
Designed to smooth your curves and make the most of your derrière and stomach area, the special seams in these Shaper jeans work wonders without feeling too constrictive. After all, there's nothing worse than jeans that cut you in half when you sit down - they're supposed to be the best mix of comfort and style.

Flattering on your figure and flattering on your purse at just £22.99 for the bootcut style (check online, they've just gone down to £15 on special offer), I'd highly recommend these if your looking for a new staple jean that will help you look your very best by giving you support where you need it most.

A real solution at a real price that real mums can afford. They've certainly got the To Become Mum seal of approval.

*Note: this is not a sponsored post - I simply had to share these great jeans!


  1. Anonymous26.6.13

    You look amazing and those really are great jeans! Thanks for sharing, I need a pair.

    1. Ah thank you! I'm really pleased with them - great price and they seem to do the trick. Definitely take a look online as they had gone down to £15 when I last looked. They're in a few different styles, I chose bootcut as it's the most flattering for my kind of figure.

      Let me know if you do get a pair!

  2. Anonymous8.6.14

    Very nice. I'd love my own pair of those jeans but they dont sell them anymore =(.


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