Wednesday 1 May 2013

Waiting for baby

It's been a long time since I updated this blog - I have a good excuse, I had my baby!! I'll be updating the blog very soon but in the meantime, below is a post I wrote when we thought bubs may have been on its way - little did we know, we had another four days to wait...

Tuesday 30th April

This morning has been rather eventful and would make for a great start to our labour story should labour actually start today.

I woke up, went to the toilet as usual and said good morning to Stephen, who was putting on his hiking boots as Watson had got stuck at the back of our garden and was refusing to come in. Off he went into the garden and as I was pottering around, I had a sensation like I was going to pass something, so I went to the bathroom again. Without too many details, something came out as I wiped and at that exact moment, the doorbell rang - the British Gas man was here.

We had a new boiler installed two weeks ago and we weren't happy about the positioning of the pipework in the lounge so he was coming to reroute it for us. Perfect timing!

So, I went and let him in, told him what had been done before etc, then went to the garden to help Ste. He was in the neighbour's garden trying to coax Watson out of a gap between their conservatory and our fence. There's a slight gap on our side so I had to get a stick and try and hit Watson as gently but firmly as possible to get him to go to Ste. Eventually this worked and Watson was handed over the fence to me - standing in my PJ's, welly boots on, wondering whether I had just had a 'show'.

After making us all a cuppa, Ste and I went upstairs as he asked me 'this isn't the time hour about to tell me your waters have broken is it?!'. Well, not exactly.

It's now a couple of hours later and nothing else seems to have happened. With a show, it can take a few days but we're just keeping an eye on things and looking at each other thinking 'this could be it!'.

It's quite an exciting thought. When it starts, there's no going back so it is rather scary to think this could be the time we say 'here we go!'. Or we could be waiting a while yet. Dad has predicted that baby will be born 1st May (tomorrow) so we will have to wait and see what happens today.

In the meantime, the British Gas man is drilling in the lounge, Ste is working on the laptop in the spare room and I'm waiting for the Asda man to arrive whilst getting excited at the news that Five will be touring at the end if the year. This is so typical of us!

Wednesday 1st May

Bad night's sleep, no new aches or pains to report but a bit more of a 'show' this morning raised my hopes that baby's arrival may be imminent. Went to see the midwife and the head is lower and she confirmed what I have seen is a show so it could continue for a couple of days and labour may be just around the corner. How exciting! Ste has said he keeps getting a wave of nervous excitement come over him now and then - we really are on tenterhooks now!


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