Monday 29 July 2013

A chair fit for a prince

My little man has just turned 12 weeks old and I'm just amazed every day at how he's progressing.

Siting in his chair, you can see the cogs in his brain working as he's taking everything in and trying to perfect the art of swotting. He loves his chair and it's where he spends a lot of his time in the day, particularly when napping.

It's the Fisher-Price Happy Forest Calming Vibrations seat, which retails for around £44.99 and was bought for Ethan by one of our best friends. It also features in the latest Argos advert, with the family of Aliens.

It's fairly typical in it's style, with the wire legs that allow gentle bouncing movements as baby wiggles around. The seat vibrates (one mode only but this seems just fine for my baby) and it is made from a wipe clean and machine washable material with a fun woodland animal print. 

It also features a 'tree branch' arm that dangles in front of baby with an owl, toadstool and apple hanging there to engage them. There's two great things about this arm - the owl hoots and sings two nursery rhyme tunes each time it is tugged lightly plus it can be removed easily by the release of a clip at the side, so picking baby up is easy to do.

To begin with, Ethan was too young to appreciate the entertainment aspect of this chair but we were really grateful for how it helped to soothe him from day one! As he's got older, he likes being able to see me or his daddy whilst also keeping himself content wiggling around. If he gets a little upset, we can gently bounce the seat with one foot, which often sends him off to sleep, and now he's learning to engage with the world around him, he's as happy as can be.

He's been quite taken with Mr Owl for a while and sits there staring at it for ages but he's now developed to the next stage - swotting. No longer just happy to watch, Ethan wants to touch and grasp and over the past week, he's steadily made progress and it's wonderful to see. Day by day, he is learning to control his arm movements and his hand more and the enticement of the colourful chair accessories keeps him trying to do better every time. 

He is getting bigger now but the chair will still be big enough for him for a while yet. It's easy to clean, batteries last for ages, it is really helping his development and aside from mummy or daddy's arms, it's Ethan's favourite place to be.


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