Friday 5 July 2013

I love your smile

Today my beautiful baby boy turns two months old. Two months! It's such a weird feeling - on one hand, it feels like we've been a family of three (six if you count our dog and cats) forever and on another, it seems impossible that my little bundle is growing up, getting bigger and no longer a newborn.

I've said it before but being a mum is a constant conflict between excitement for then to reach the next stage and wanting them to stay tiny forever. On a morning like this, I want him to stay my baby always; as a type this, he's resting on my chest, lips puckered, eyelashes brushing his cheeks, snoozing peacefully.

But then I look at the pictures below, showing how his smile has grown over the last three weeks and I feel excited all over again for his first giggle, first crawl, first words.

Oh, how is love this smile!


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