Sunday 28 July 2013

It's been a busy week!

I haven't posted nearly as much as I wanted to this week but phew, me and the little dude have been busy!

Monday we had a lunch date at Morrisons and I had some serious crafting to do ahead of my first craft fair in months. 

Tuesday, I had to go to the hospital to get a scan on my thumb. Yep, that's right. Somehow, I have no idea how, I've hurt my thumb and it was so sore on Tuesday morning I went to the doctors. They said it could be a strain or, because my psoriasis has got worse recently, they wanted me to have an X-ray in case it's psoriatic arthritis. Results in two weeks, anti-inflammatories until then.

On Tuesday afternoon, we had visitors from Durham come to see Ethan for the first time. My good friend Nat and her other half Stu came for two days and we went for dinner, to the pub and for milkshakes whilst catching up on all our latest news. I also got some belated birthday presents and we had such a nice time that it ended up feeling like a second birthday.

On Wednesday we also had our second session of baby massage and hub was able to come along too. Little man was a star again and really enjoyed the special attention - well, who doesn't like being massaged from head to toe? What was particularly funny though was how Charlie, a 15 week old on the same course, decided to try and sprinkle his mum with the hose, with Ethan following suit just seconds later. Boys, eh?

We also had a look at the nursery there and have another couple of places to visit next week too - it's still months away before I'll be going back to work but we want to make a decision soon so we know where we stand.

We had another lunch date with two mummy friends on Thursday and their little ones, Daisy (11 months) and Jeffery (7 months). I find it really fascinating to see the difference in our babies and talk about all the things we have to look forward to with Ethan. 

Friday was mummy's day off. My work always celebrates our anniversaries and we are 21 this year so we headed for a day at the races in Uttoxeter. Hubs and Ethan had a boy's day at home whilst I had a little flutter on the horses. 

Out of seven races, I picked three winners and two second / third place horses but only had the guts to do place bets. The final race I did however chose a horse to win, and they did, but the odds weren't great so for a £5 stake I won just £12.40. Ah well, I still won and ended up making a little more than I spent so I can't complain. To round off the day, The Black Eyed Peaz, featuring Will.I.Ain't no less, performed and we had a little dance in the sunshine before heading back onto the party bus for some Jaegermeister fun. 

Luckily, I was in bed just after 10pm (we had started at 10.30am after all), as yesterday was my craft fair day. I had some really nice comments about my felt notebooks in particular as well as my scrabble art and handmade cards. I'm doing another fair next Saturday with a friend and that location is always particularly busy so hope to sell a bit more then.

As for today, I'm a little worn out. A day at home, with my favourite two people in the world, is in order I think. 



  1. Looks like you have had a busy old week! Good luck with your next craft fair, the pictures of your latest one look fab! Oh and I hope all is okay with your thumb scan results! X

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    1. Thank you lovely :) I'm sure my silly thumb will be fine and looking forward to the next fair.


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