Monday 22 July 2013

Picture perfect

Thanks to the dawn of the iPhone, anyone can fancy themselves as an amateur David Bailey. Want to take a quick snap to remember a moment? Point and click. Done. Before you know it, you have taken 2,000 photos on your phone of your 11 week old son. Trouble is, whilst the quality of iPhone photos is good in good lighting, anything else isn't quite as good in print plus the best shots are close up so you end up having 2,000 head and shoulder pics.

And these are great - it's so nice to be able to take a photo when the mood takes you - but you can't beat proper photography. For that reason, we bought ourselves a DSLR camera, despite me being on the appalling SMP income, as I didn't want to look back at Ethan's early years and have just candid phone photos to remember it all by. The iPhone just doesn't do my little boy justice!

So, when Ethan was eight days old, we had some professional photography taken by the incredibly talented and extremely nice Shaun Fellows of Shine Pix. I've worked with Shaun on many a PR shoot and he's well known for his wonky photo specials but after he took some stunning shots at a couple of colleagues' weddings, I was keen to snap him up (apologies for the pun) as soon as little man arrived.

Shaun came to our house and transformed our sofa and our dining room into a studio for the morning. A white sheet, a black sheet, a teddy bear and hubs and I were all that we needed to get some truly fantastic shots. Oh, and Ethan, the star of the show, of course!

I won't propose to tell you how he did what he did, but Shaun worked his magic during and after the shoot an left us with a beautiful collection of photos of our baby from his first week in the world. 

Here's my favourite photo of the three of us: 

I've only used our new camera for a couple of days but I'm pleased with my first attempts. I don't think I'll be giving Shaun a run for his money any time soon though!

Check out Shaun's portfolio here:


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