Sunday 1 September 2013

Give a boost to your hair AND your confidence

Last week, my hairdresser said to me "your hair is like a crown on your head; it creates your look and can make you feel wonderful when it looks good" and I have to say, I agree.

If you read my earlier post on my hair, you'll know that I have tried many, many looks over the years and I've also had a couple of disasters. Two and a half years ago, a hairdresser severely damaged my hair by over-bleaching, resulting in loss of length and strength and hair that is still recovering now. I'm just getting to the nice, long length I want, although I am keen to find a really nourishing, sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, but I do want to be longer and have more volume too - who doesn't want big, beautiful hair?

Thankfully, we can now all cheat our way to bountiful locks. During the months following my big hair disaster, I decided to look into clip-in hair extensions. At first I was unsure as I thought they would look unnatural and be too Geordie Shore but after seeing people wearing them and not being able to tell, I knew I had to give them a go. My hair then was a dark brown, far shorter than I wanted and I just couldn't go near it with GHD's as the hair was so brittle.

I came across Cliphair - experts in 100% Remy human hair extensions - and quickly snapped up a full head set of 18 inch extensions in a colour that looked as close to mine as possible. They arrived super quick, were a perfect colour match and were really easy to put in. There were instructions included but I had also watched the 'how to' videos on the Cliphair website so I knew what to do. Still, once you have put the first section in, it's pretty easy to pick up and by the third time of wearing them, I could do it without looking in the mirror.

The difference they made went beyond giving me longer, fuller hair. I felt confident for the first time in ages. I loved the way they looked and no-one seemed to notice I had extensions in, they just thought my hair was styled nicely. They were also comfortable to wear and I never worried about being found out when a gust of wind came my way, as they're easy to integrate into your own hair and the clips are discreet.

As my hair got stronger and longer on its own, and as I had it lightened gradually another year and a half later, I needed to buy some more clip-in extensions to match my new colour. This was when I was around four months pregnant and I decided this time to choose the double-wefted extensions Clip Hair have. I chose the golden brown shade that looked most like mine and again, when they arrived, the colour was a great match. They were just as easy to put in but had twice the amount of hair weaved into each section, so you get a thicker result without having to put more clips in. Again, I was really pleased with the result and my parents didn't notice the hair wasn't all mine when they saw me, they just thought it had grown quickly!

Now that I have blonde ambition again, having had my hair highlighted even lighter last week, I've gone back to Cliphair and bought some new extensions. I've bought the double-wefted again and chose the blonde mix shade and once again, the colour is so close to my own, the result is really natural.

So, what do you think?



I've also bought some pink hair extension clips to add to the under layers for a fun flash of colour - I'd love to have pink hair but this is a much easier way of getting the look as and when I want it.

The team at Cliphair are really helpful, with a free colour exchange and colour matching service plus there is so much choice in terms of length, thickness and shades. I thoroughly recommend clip-in hair extensions and Cliphair - go on, give your hair and your confidence a boost!

* Note: This is not a sponsored post, I bought my extensions from Clip Hair with my own money and as always, the opinions expressed in this post are my own.



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