Wednesday 11 September 2013

I'm back!

Well, almost! In case you weren't aware and wondered why I had disappeared off the face of my blog and Twitter for the most part over the past 12 days, I've had food poisoning. Nasty, rotten food poisoning.

The only thing I have been able to pinpoint it to was a Chinese takeaway I had almost two weeks ago as it was the only thing I could think of eating which my husband hadn't also had and he has been completely fine.

At first, I thought I had a little bit of a cold and then an upset tummy. Not to worry, I thought - some Lemsip and a little time would clear it, I was sure. But after three days, I packed myself off to the doctors and they wanted to run some tests. I rang on Friday for the results and was told they had come back normal and no further action was required. Great, except I was still getting cramping and couldn't leave the house in case I needed to go to the bathroom.

I waited until Monday and after three hours of trying to get through to the doctors, I arranged a call back on Tuesday morning. The doctor called yesterday. Said some further tests had come back and I had campylobacter bacteria, the most common form of food poisoning. They asked me to come in and finally, after 11 days, I was given antibiotics. I have a week's course to follow and I really hope they do the trick soon. I'm not a good ill person and I've had enough now. I've had little energy, the cramping is really horrible and I have no appetite. I've not been able to do very much at all and have been out of the house three times in two weeks.

The worst part has been not being able to look after Ethan as much as I normally would. I've been so lucky to have my husband working from home as it would have been such a struggle to change, feed, wind and play with Ethan in three hour cycles when I've been feeling the way I have.

My boys, enjoying some playmat time whilst I was collapsed on the sofa

We are going away to Cornwall on Monday and I just hope I'm ok by then. Hubs needs a break, it's our first holiday with little man and I just want to get back to normal.

When you're ill, you suddenly become wiser about things - like when you're hungover, you vow to never drink again. You can never take your health for granted. You should really think about what you eat. And you should always, always wash your hands thoroughly as you never know what nasties you could be carrying and making someone sick like I have been isn't very nice or very fair at all. I'm not going to get back these past two weeks but I'm really going to do everything I can to enjoy our break.

Cheeky chappy!


  1. Anonymous11.9.13

    Hope you are feeling better and are well enough for your holiday x

    1. Thank you :) Sorry to hear you've not been well either, it sucks doesn't it? :(


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