Saturday 14 September 2013

Letter to Ethan - 18 weeks

Hi Ethan

It's mummy here again. I wanted to write this second letter to you as an update on your progress and all the fun we've been having together since last time.

It's been nearly eight weeks since my last letter so a lot has changed - you're really developing into your own little person now and you're so much bigger! When I hold you, you're head tucked under my chin, your body stretches down mine with your bottom near my belly button and your legs dangling. You still sleep on me sometimes, not as much as before but on occasion you might be a little unsettled in the early evening and a mummy cuddle works wonders. I enjoy these moments and let you sleep on me for a while before it's time to go up to bed as they aren't as often now you're bigger and happy doing your own thing in your chair or on your play mat.

So, what's been happening? Well, since last time I wrote, we've finished our baby massage class, which you loved, you've had your second and third set of jabs (you were very brave both times), your godparents Lindsay and John have been to visit and we also had a big party to celebrate your Christening Day. You wore a cute little tshirt, waistcoat and trouser set and were a very good boy in the church, sleeping through the whole service, except when the priest poured water on the top of your head (the look on your face was very funny indeed!). All of your family and friends came back to our house afterwards and we ate rainbow cake and had a few drinks in your honour while you enjoyed cuddles with everyone. You were given lots of lovely gifts and it reminded us of how lucky we are to have you and all these wonderful people in our lives.

Mummy and Daddy have also been researching nurseries for when I have to go back to work (don't worry, it's a long way off yet little man). We've found a lovely, fun and cheery place called Sunflowers and we're sure you're going to have a wonderful time there. They have a big garden and do lots of fun things so I'm sure that you will hardly miss me at all (you're allowed to, just a little bit!).

Because you're growing fast, as is your collection of teddy bears and toys, we decided a couple of weeks ago to transform our spare bedroom into a playroom for you (and daddy, if he's good and you let him share!). We both loved dinosaurs when we were young and we hope you will too as that's the theme we've gone for! You have a cool pterodactyl ceiling lampshade, fun, noisy T-Rex and Triceratops toys and a big shelving unit full of baskets of toys and books, plus some of your extra special bits and pieces on display, nice and high, out of your reach. During the week, mummy quite often takes you upstairs for some afternoon play time and we get your big play mat out and your tummy time cushion and have some fun. You're still not keen on tummy time but you're getting so much stronger, holding your head up for ages without a problem and pushing up on your arms.

These past two weeks, mummy has been ill thanks to something nasty she ate, so unfortunately, I haven't been able to play with you quite so much. I am all better now which is great but the good thing is that whilst I've been feeling poorly, daddy has been working from home and you two have had the chance to spend lots of time together. You love daddy playing the 'goo-gee, goo-gee' game with you, 'round and round the garden' and 'this little piggy'. You giggle and make squealing noises when we tickle you and you smile all the time. You also make a big deal of when you yawn, which always makes us laugh!

Again, everyone tells us how gorgeous you are, whether we are having lunch at Ed's Diner, at the doctors or posting photos of you on Facebook. Of course, we think you're the most beautiful thing ever but it's nice to hear such lovely compliments from others too. You're eyes are as large as marbles and you have such a cheeky little grin, plus you raise your eyebrow in such a comical way.

You're noticing a lot more of the world around you now, particularly when Watson dog or Sherlock and Arty cats come into your line of vision. For three weeks, you've been sleeping through all night without needing a feed, which is great and we are very thankful. These past couple of days you've had your last feed around 7pm/7.30pm so you have woken us up a little earlier but we don't mind as you've given us a good sleep at least. You usually then start your day by reading your crinkly fabric book that we hang in front of you in your bouncer chair.

We're off on our first family holiday on Monday too - are you excited? We are going to Cornwall, which is on the south west coast, as far as you can go before falling into the sea. We're staying in a static caravan and have lots of fun things planned, come rain or shine, plus it's mummy and daddy's third wedding anniversary. That's right, three years ago, we got married and dreamed of the day we would have a beautiful baby. And now we have you and we couldn't be happier.

You mean the world to us little dude. Although it's sad each time you grow out of your smaller clothes and we have to pack them away, we are loving watching you grow up.

We love you angel. Completely and forever.

Bye for now,

Mummy xxx

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