Wednesday 11 September 2013

Packing for a little person

We've been away with Ethan a few times, visiting my parents who live in Hampshire for the weekend and my gosh, how much stuff do you need to pack?!
I'm a big list-maker and love to plan things well in advance so I'm organised and there's no last minute panics, and our little break to Cornwall is no different.

For the past week, I've had a list together of everything we need for us and for Ethan for our five day break. We're staying at a Parkdean holiday park and will have quite a few facilities there for us but there's still a lot of things we need to take. Add into the mix the fact the weather could do almost anything next week and we really are going to have a car filled to the brim. It's only a Clio!

The current list of things to pack for Ethan is below, although I'm sure there's a few things that will work their way in - if you spot anything obvious, then please let me know!

- 15 tshirts / long sleeve tops (allows for changes in weather and up to three changes a day if he is sick at all)
- All his trousers (and shorts if they fit)
- 5 jumpers/hoodies (to layer up if it's cold)
- 7 sleepsuits (a couple of spares just in case)
- Raincoat
- Converse trainers (they go with anything)
- Socks
- 2 hats (one for the beach and one to keep him warm)
- All bandana bibs (he gets through at least two a day)
- All muslin cloths (we can never have enough of these!)
- 2 bed sheets for his cot bed
- 2 blankets

Other essentials:

- Nappies
- Nappy sacks
- Cream
- Steriliser
- Bottles
- 5 big milk bottles, 10 cartons
- Folding bathtub & toiletries
- Carrycot
- Baby carrier
- Large playmat
- Toys
- Bouncer chair
- Monitor

I know that Cornwall isn't a strange land where there's no supermarkets or shops, I just like to be prepared and have everything we need - after all, who wants to do laundry or go grocery shopping on their holiday?

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