Wednesday 25 September 2013

Sleeping apart

After a wonderful few months together, we've grown apart and have separate bedrooms. Ethan and I that is, not me and Ste! It's more a case of Ethan growing up leading to us growing apart at bedtimes now as he outgrew his Moses basket a few weeks ago and his carrycot is too cramped for him now as well.

You may remember my earlier post on this subject and I have now had to get a grip and come to terms with the fact my baby boy isn't quite so little and is perfectly happy to have his own sleeping arrangements now.

Following our holiday last week, when Ethan slept in a different room from us for the first time, we decided it was time for him to move out of our room and into the nice digs we created especially for him before he was born (you can take a look at Ethan's nursery here).

Saturday was his first night in his cot and in his room and three nights in, there hasn't been a hitch. After a bath and a final feed, Ethan has fallen asleep on us within minutes and we've been able to take him upstairs, tuck him into bed, turn on his nightlight and quietly head back downstairs for some baby free time. He's been sleeping through the night now for about two months without a problem and depending on how early his last feed has been, he wakes up between 6am and 7.30am, but often lies in bed quietly babbling to himself. Since being in his own room, he's been fine and still clocking up 10 to 11 hours which is rather nice indeed.

Our baby monitor is great - it's the BT Digital Baby Monitor and Pacifier, which has a nightlight which changes colour according to the temperature, 19 lullabies and other calming sounds, Mp3 music input, projected lightshow and a 300m range - but that hasn't stopped me clutching the handset to my ear trying to hear him breathing!

I'm really pleased that the new sleeping arrangements have worked out so well and it is nice to have a bit more space in our room again. Going into Ethan's room in the morning and receiving his first smile of the day is the best and I'm so happy he's at home in his nursery.



  1. Aw I love going into Sienna in the morning! My favourite part of the day :)

    Kerry @ Lived With Love! | Mummy, Beauty & Lifestyle blog

    1. It's the best isn't it? I like putting him to bed now too, seeing how sleepy he is :)


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