Tuesday 22 October 2013

Treat Yourself Tuesday - healthy hair

This #treatyourselftuesday, I'm sharing with you two great hair care products that will nourish your hair no matter what type you have.

As you may have read before (here, here or here), I have scalp psoriasis on most of my scalp and have been prescribed various overnight treatments and shampoos to help improve the red visible patches and constant flakiness I suffer with. The trouble is, these all have a rather nasty smell as they mostly contain coal tar and they can be very drying on my hair - so you swap one problem for another!

Thankfully, the lovely team at organic super-star brand Weleda got in touch as they had an exciting new shampoo launching which they believed would really help me.

New in the UK, Weleda's Wheat balancing shampoo contains wheat germ oil, butcher's broom extract, pansy and organic sage that together create a gentle but effective mix that helps to reduce flaking whilst caring for your hair. Sounds great doesn't it? Well, to someone who has a scalp condition and dry hair, this sounds amazing and I have to say I have really enjoyed using this shampoo. It feels gentle on the hair, as it lathers nicely, rinses easily and doesn't make my hair feel like straw when I wash it out.

Here's what the experts at Weleda have to say:

This shampoo is for hair and scalps that need extra help in achieving healthy balance. Dandruff, whether dry or oily, can be treated with this gently cleansing formulation. Wheat is rich in vitamin E which prevents cellular damage, as well as being full of antioxidants to protect the hair and scalp from free radicals.
The effectiveness of the wheat germ oil is supported and enhanced by viola tricolor pansy extract which soothes dry, flaky scalp, and rosemary to revitalise - stimulating the scalp and bringing nutrients to the roots and skin. The presence of Tea Tree oil not only provides a gentle antiseptic dimension to the shampoo- it also adds a reassuring and invigorating fragrance.
Our Wheat Balancing Shampoo with wheat germ oil treats dandruff by restoring balance and wellbeing to the scalp, roots and hair.

I've used it for a week straight, leaving my other psoriasis treatements behind, and I really feel like my hair has looked a lot better and some of the itching I suffer with has reduced. I'm keen to try my overnight prescribed treatment combined with this shampoo going forward but if you have dandruff or an itchy scalp, give this a go - I don't think you'll be disappointed plus you know it's organic which makes it even better. Weleda Wheat Balancing Shampoo is available in a 190ml bottle for £8.95 - read more here.

My second  hair treat is Andrew Barton's S.O.S. Help Me! Twice A Week Conditioning Mask. This has long been a favourite of mine as it smells good enough to eat and it WORKS. I've mentioned before the various trials and tribulations my hair has been through and this mask has been my savour. Priced at just £5 in Asda for 300ml (but often in an offer), this sweet smelling conditioning treatment is thick and creamy, easy to work into your hair and guaranteed to leave it feeling soft and nourished. It contains shea butter to mend damaged hair and smooth cuticles and it smells like toffee cheesecake - delicious!

Honestly, even when my hair had been severly damaged by bleach, this still made a big difference and for that reason, I couldn't recommend it more. So go, buy some next time you're in the supermarket - you won't regret it!

* Note: I was sent the Weleda shampoo to test, free of charge, but the opinions expressed in this review are, as always, my own. As for the conditioner, this is just one of my favoruite beauty buys, bought with my own money!


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