Sunday 24 November 2013

Autumn, I heart you - my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots 100 November challenge

I've said it many times, but this is my favourite time of year and every day, as autumn slips by, I've done my best to take it all in. The colours, the fresh air and the beautiful changes in the season all around. I've even collected different leaves to dry and press and mount in scrapbooks to show Ethan one day - but even better, I can't wait to go on a nature trail with him, collecting conkers and pine cones and stomping through piles of leaves. As a young girl, I used to spend hours exploring the woods near my home, making up tales, building dens and watching badger sets and I hope to nurture the same curiosity in the great outdoors in Ethan.

Because autumn and nature both inspire me so much, when I saw the Center Parcs November bloggers challenge, I was keen to take part, putting pen to paper to capture all the things I love and the essence of autumn in a poem. So, this is my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots 100 November challenge:    

Nestled after the glow of summer sun
And before the snow, when winter's not yet begun 
Begins the very best time of year
Where promise lingers and fills the air

Of longer nights and crisp, bright days
Of crunchy walks and windy days 
Welly boots, umbrellas, hats and gloves
And colourful leaves falling from above

Whirling and spinning all around
Sprinkling red and gold all over the ground
Playing conkers in a game of luck
And collecting acorns still in their cups

All Hallows' Eve, full of shocks and scares
Sweets and pumpkins, tricks and dares
A great big bonfire piled up high
And fizzes and bangs that fill the sky

Snuggling up underneath warm throws
With rosy cheeks and chilly toes 
A mug of something warm to drink 
And a place by the fire to rest and think

Remembering the best of the year so far 
And wishing on a twinkling star
That what's to come will bring you joy
To your family and every girl and boy

But don't wish away the autumn days
Enjoy each moment, embrace the change
Because it's a very special time of year 
With plenty of reasons for joy and cheer

My favourite tip from Emma at Center Parcs was to be inspired by your surroundings. I still love to visit woods and areas of natural beauty but the wonder of autumn is that inspiration can be found on your doorstep too. Autumn is a season you only really realise is upon you by looking around and seeing how much nature changes around you. It goes by so quickly so you need to keep your eyes open and make the most of it before winter sets in. 

I hope my poem captured the feel of autumn as I wanted to appeal to the senses and paint a picture of my favorite things about the season through words.

If my entry was chosen, which truly would be amazing, I would like to visit Sherwood Forest with my baby boy and husband. I've heard wonderful things about this village and love the mystery and legend that surrounds the area. I'd also love to see the new village, Woburn, when it opens next Summer as it looks amazing.

Wish me luck! X

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