Friday 22 November 2013

Kelly's Christmas Crafts Project 3 - Christmas Card Holder Ideas

This week, I'm sharing two simple but attractive ways to display your Christmas cards - no blu tac stuck to doors required! (View my other #kellyschristmascrafts projects here - advent calendar and snow globe). I wanted to make the most of the cards we recive this year whilst also keeping clutter to a minimum so after a bit of Pinterest inspiration, I've made two different display options which are really easy to recreate at home.

IDEA 1 - Card Wreath

You will need:
A polystyrene/cardboard ring (florestry or craft websites will stock these or you could make your own from a cardboard box)
One sheet of felt, big enough to fit the ring
Pegs (I used 22 in total and they were pre-decorated but you could buy plain pegs and paint them yourself)
Superglue/glue gun


1. Mark out the size of your wreath ring template on your sheet of felt and cut this out. Allow a little extra all the way around.

2. Glue the felt onto the ring.

3. Lay out your pegs (make sure the paint is dry if you're decorating these yourself) until you are happy with the arrangement.

4. Glue the pegs in place.

5. Loop some ribbon around the top of the card wreath and tie a know so you can hang this up.

6. You're ready to attach your cards!

IDEA 2 - Sign and Ribbons

You will need:
A hanging Christmas sign (I couldn't find one I wanted in time but a simple festive hanging plaque would be perfect)
Mini pegs (you can buy these in the children's craft section of stationers or from Hobbycraft)
Superglue/glue gun/staple gun

1. Measure out your lengths of ribbon and cut at approx. one metre.

2. Cut three lengths of ribbon in total (depending on the size of your sign) and space out.

3. Fix to the back of your sign with glue or using a staple gun.

4. Use small pegs to clip your Christmas cards on the lengths of ribbon.

5. Hang up ready to display your festive mail.

Next week is my last Kelly's Christmas Crafts project - I'll be making a traditional wreath using some ingredients from your kitchen cupboard and pine cones from the garden. See you next week!



  1. Anonymous28.11.13

    I love these, especially the sign and ribbon. This is actually the whole reason I came on your blog this morning - I am heading into town soon and wanted to check what I would need to make my own - Thanks :) I already have two Christmas cards so I best hurry up and make the holder! xx

    1. You have truly made my day! It's lovely to hear other people trying my ideas out. I've loved sharing my little projects - tomorrow is one for a Christmas wreath and I have some easy card designs in a post on Saturday. Also, Hobbycraft has a 25% discount on this weekend...


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