Wednesday 20 November 2013

Weaning Wednesday - week three

For three weeks now, we've been following Annabel Karmel's weaning advice and so far, we've not had any problems.

Ethan has accepted all the new foods I've introduced him to, with a mix of homemade and shop bought purées. Even when he pulled some funny faces when trying apple for the first time, he still  opened his mouth for another spoonful.

This week, I made him apple and pear purée and also tried mixing this with some mashed banana or baby rice. We had a couple of busy days where we had to shift his feeds around a little and as a result, he seemed more distracted and ate a little less than normal. But there were a couple of days where he happily ate half a jar, or equivalent of homemade, at each meal.

From today, following Annabell's advice, we'll increase his meals to three a day. If he wants to eat more, then great, but we are totally led by him and don't force him to have something if he's not in the mood or doesn't like it. 

I am keen to try some baby led weaning soon, when he's more confident sitting up as he still can't do this unaided, but I like the structure that Annabell's books provide and it's nice to know that he's eating food I've made for him, that's fresh, and I know how much he's having each day.

If you have any weaning tips or recipe suggestions, as always, I'd love to hear from you. 

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