Tuesday 10 December 2013

Back to work style

Going back to work is a time of mixed emotions; on the one hand, you look forward to doing something you used to love that was all just for you and then on the other, you wonder if you'll be a bit rusty and whether you have what it takes to do the daily juggling act of being you, the professional, and the you that's a mum, who's spent the last few months singing nursery rhymes and changing nappies 24/7.

For me, if I feel good then I can do good, so going back to work means I've taken a look in my wardrobe and made a few additions to help me look and feel like the professional I once was not so many bottle feeds ago.

Here's a guide to my new staple work wardrobe:

1. The shirt

Ever since having Ethan, I've become a fan of shirts. From my passion for geek chic fashion to my need to look the business when I get back to business, I have a few new shirts hanging in my wardrobe that'll look great dressed up with a pencil skirt (I've got a great form fit one from Monsoon) or more smart casual when combined with some skinny jeans and pumps.

2. The shoes

I'm not very tall, height wise I'm pretty average, so heels are a great help when I'm at work but at the same time, I find it hard wearing them all day, every day. In terms of shoes, I tend to prefer comfort over added inches but I found these shoe boots in New Look, in their wide fit range, which will certainly do the trick and will work with almost any outfit.

3. The jacket

I found this soft, structured jacket from Very and knew it would be great for adding a slick edge when I need to look super professional. It's flattering in style and comfortable to wear so I'm looking forward to wearing this for boardroom brownie points.

4. The bag(s)

I, like every other lifestyle blogger out there, sought after the much coveted Zara City Bag but for me, my desire was to no avail. Never fear, for Zara introduced a new, similar design, the Office City Bag with Zips (pictured above left), and as I've been a very good girl this year (I've had a baby don't you know?), I'm hoping that I'll be treated to this very soon. In addition, I've purchased the H&M black handbag (pictured above right) which, importantly, is big enough for A4 files (something which is quite hard to find on the high street without going down the shopper bag route).

5. The organiser 

As a self-confessed stationary addict, I bought this large Filofax style organiser from Paperchase a while ago as I like a diary that sits open of its own accord and I've added lots of useful features such as post-it notes and handy zip folders so it should keep all my important work bits and bobs safe and in one place. It also has a similar look to the style of my design crush Orla Kiely's work.

Take a look at my new YouTube video, where you can see more of the new additions I have made to my wardrobe:

My theory, at least, is by starting afresh with a few new clothes and accessories, I will feel confident as I fall back into my old job of PR professional, from the hours of 8.30am to 5pm, Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. But Wednesdays will be reserved for jeans and converse as I enjoy my precious time away from the office with the most important little man in the world. 


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