Saturday 7 December 2013

Collectable Christmas villages

My love of Christmas has been firmly established on this blog and now that we have Ethan, I couldn't be more into the season and keen to start family traditions.

I'm also something of a collector, albeit an impatient one who finds it hard to wait to buy a new addition to whichever collection I'm keen on at the time. From Starbucks mugs to novelty shot glasses from holiday destinations, I am a magpie and love to record memories any way I can.

Having visited garden centres with much excitement every since I was young, I've always wanted one of those light up houses, complete with moving train or ice skaters, to display at Christmas. I've become a bit LED light obsessed this year and started researching light up decorative houses online.

That's when I came across Lemax - a range of collectable porcelain houses and figurines, including a seasonal selection, that you can add to over the years to build a beautiful scene in your home. There's Santa's workshop, a ski lodge, a B&B, a toy store and so many other quaint buildings to choose from, averaging in 25cm in height. You can even buy figurines such as carol singers or a family bringing their Christmas tree, plus foliage and street lamps, to add even more realism to your display.

I've bought an LED house this year but not from this range but hubs said how lovely it would be to build our own Christmas village, choosing a new addition each year.

Here are some of my favourite buildings - if we were to buy one this year, I think it would be the new Santa's Workshop. Which one would you choose?

Could this be a new obsession? Have I gone mad?? It seems to be a bit like model railway collecting but when you see some of the displays people have built, often around the base of their Christmas tree, they do look very pretty and have a lovely enchantment to them.

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