Thursday 5 December 2013

Putting the magic into Ethan's first Christmas

You may recall from my Christmas traditions post that we're keen to make this Christmas super special for our special little boy, even though he won't remember it, because we will remember and we want to start traditions that we'll enjoy as a family every year.

And thanks to the wonder of Twitter, we've been introduced to something new that's going to be a tradition for us at Christmas and all year round as we try to bring a touch of magic and imagination to our little boy's childhood.

The Magic Door Store was being talked about a lot by people on my Twitter feed last week and as soon as I checked out what the fuss was about, I became very excited. The Magic Door Store sells enchanted entryways for magical folk to come into our homes and spread festive cheer. We chose a purple elf door to fit into a little nook in our fireplace surround, almost camouflaged by the colour of the wall behind. Complete with a knocker, this door will allow Santa's little helpers to come into our house to keep an eye on our little boy and report back to Santa throughout December, but during the rest of the year, it's sure to be used by the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy too.

The doors are beautifully made and have really ignited our imaginations so I can only imagine what Ethan will think of his elf door as he grows up.

With the door in place and our advent calendar on display, we've been able to kick our Christmas celebrations off and I'll be sharing a few pics of our tree and house decorations soon.

Every day, we open a drawer on our calendar, nibble on the chocolate treat, and read what festive task we'll be doing that day. On the 1st, it said to write a letter to Santa so, with some direction from Ethan, we wrote a letter and left it outside the magic door, ready to be delivered to the man in red himself.

Whilst Ethan may not be able to appreciate the details yet, he certainly likes the lights we have dotted around the house and we're really enjoying each day in our winter wonderland home as a family of three.


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