Monday 20 January 2014

Perfect timing - his & her watches for Valentine's Day

I good man is hard to find but luckily I found a keeper 10 years ago and as the old saying goes, time flies when you're having fun. A good watch is also hard to find, at least in my opinion. I haven't had many myself over the years as I'm just too picky. I don't have dainty wrists and finding a style that fits my style is really difficult.

The watch face is either too big or too small, the strap too narrow or too wide, the design too girly or too masculine. I rely on my iPhone for the time but I'm determined this year to choose a special watch to commemorate a certain big birthday coming up.

For men, however, I think it's much easier to find a watch to suit the wrist. Buying a watch for your husband, father or son is something special, as it's the main 'accessory' that most men wear. I love the idea of one day buying my husband a beautiful watch, engraved with a special message. You know that moment, in Sex and The City 2, when Carrie gives Big a vintage Rolex watch with the inscription 'Me and you, just us two', for their second wedding anniversary? Amazing! Such a thoughtful gift.

With Valentine's Day coming up, The Watch Hut is offering one lucky blogger the chance to win a wonderful prize bundle to help them celebrate the most romantic day in the calendar. All you need to do is pick your ideal his and hers watches, so after much deliberation, I've chosen the following for Stephen and myself:


For me, I've picked this vintage style bracelet from the fabulously quirky Vivienne Westwood. Available in four different strap colours, I love the black design as it would be brilliant for everyday wear, or the bright pink/purple strap would add a lovely pop of colour. The filagree, aged silver/gold face design is feminine, making this watch a timeless choice that would compliment my style.

To compliment my choice of watch, I'd pick the above vintage design, also from Vivienne Westwood. I love the design of the strap and the colour faded watch face. This would be the perfect watch to wear every day and would suit my husband perfectly.

It was a tough job choosing just two watches as there were just so many designs, but I think that these two reflect our personalities and compliment each other well, just like Stephen and I.

Which watch would you choose for yourself and your partner?

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