Friday 24 January 2014

Washing up with Persil Warm Spice

Housework isn't something that a lot of people tend to enjoy - unless you're a Bree Van De Kamp type - and when you have a baby, it's just difficult to find the time or energy. Throw in going back to work, and it really can slip down your list of priorities.

There's one household task in particular both my husband and I avoid doing the most and it's the washing up. It just seems that no sooner have you cleaned your pots and pans and got your kitchen spick and span, the pile of washing up just starts to accumulate all over again.

Unfortunately, we don't have enough space in our kitchen for a dishwasher so anything that can help make this daily chore a bit more enjoyable is great in my book.

Enter Persil and their limited edition Warm Spice washing up liquid! I received a bottle of this just in time for a mammoth washing up session (literally, the postman arrived with the package just as I was rolling up my sleeves) and although it's obviously a seasonal scent, with the launch taking place pre-Christmas, I was looking forward to enjoying scents of cinnamon, cloves and citrus from my suds.

I love these scents no matter what time of year to be honest and with it being cold outside, I think they're just as lovely to enjoy now, even though the Christmas decorations are packed away for another eleven months, until the sun decides to get its hat on in (hopefully) a few months time.

I squirted a small amount into the hot running water and immediately I could smell the spicy notes. The bubbles started building in no time and I did think to myself that perhaps I didn't need as much washing up liquid as I had put in - great, maybe this bottle will last me a good while yet!?

I powered through washing four dinner plates, three bowls, two side plates, four mugs, three glasses and some cutlery and to be honest, I could have done more as there was still plenty of bubbles in the bowl. However, I had a 10 minute window before lunch was going to be ready so that was all I needed and I was surprised at how quickly I got through it all, with everything nice and clean and drying on the side of the sink.

At the end of the day, washing up needs to be done so why not enjoy it as much as possible? I'm a big scented candle lover and no matter what the time of year, spiced apple, vanilla and cinnamon scents are my favourite choices. The same thinking goes for washing powder and now washing up liquid - buy with your nose! I can confirm that Persil's washing up liquids lather well, the bubbles last and the dishes come out nice and clean, but with all those practical benefits ticked off the list, why not go for a scent you like? It really lasts too, so whilst your singing away to the radio, you can let the scent help enhance your mood.

The Persil washing up liquid range has an RRP of just £1 for a 500ml bottle, which is going to last a long time unless you get a little squirt-happy, and once the seasonal scent of Warm Spice has left the shelves, you can choose between Pink Blush, Orange Crush, Lemon Burst and Apple Fizz. To find out more, visit


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