Friday 28 February 2014

Bags of choice - but which one to choose?

I'm not the kind of person to covet designer bags, shoes, sunglasses or clothes. I really can't see the appeal in having something super expensive just because it has the 'right' name. Maybe it's because I've never owned anything that's cost a lot of money, but I'd rather have ten pairs of shoes than just one pair that has a fancy label, and price tag, attached. Paying for a name just doesn't make sense to me.

That being said, I do want to treat myself to something with my big birthday coming up. Whilst I do treat myself to things I like as anyone else does, my tastes are high street not high end. However, I want to push the boat out just a little, just this once, as I feel I deserve something special.

My sights are set on a Cambridge Satchel, personalised with my initials K.V.O. I have always loved satchels and The Cambridge Satchel Company is THE name to go to for this classic design. I love handbags and my husband treated me to a couple of beauties for Christmas from Zara, which are in fact the most expensive bags I own (which goes to show just how much money I spend on myself compared to a lot of people my age). Whilst friends of mine lust after Mulberry, I'd be more than happy with the still much coveted Cambridge Satchel under my arm.

The only trouble I have now is choosing which one to buy.

There's so many different styles now, from the classic to the brogue to the batchel (a more business like version of the satchel, complete with carry handle on top) and even a handbag design, and there's every colour under the sun too. From the new pastel shades and metallic finishes to browns, reds, blues and fluoros, there's a satchel for every occasion and every outfit.

It all comes down to what I will use it for. If I want a bag to use every day, from the office to the home, then a larger bag may be best, like the 13 or 15 inch styles, so I can fit A4 files and notepads and everything else I like to cart about. If I'm buying one bag then I want to get my money's worth.

But then, what about pure play? Wouldn't it be nice to choose an iconic, 'out there' satchel in my favourite colour and to heck with practicality?

I'm currently in two minds as to whether I should just buy two to satisfy both my needs. I know! Never spent much money on things like this and now I'm getting carried away and considering buying two satchels because I can't make up my mind!

I'm thinking a larger satchel in a black, brown or tan shade would look ├╝ber professional whilst my heart is rather taken with an 11 inch pink design - the fluro is simply stunning if you ask me!

My sensible favourites

Saddle Leather Satchel in tan, 14 inches
(this one will crease and wear with age to add character and charm)
The Classic in dark brown, 14 inches
The Batchel in black, 15 inches
My fun favourites 

The Fluoro, 13 inches
The Classic, 13 inches

So, what do I do people? Play it safe, have some fun or cheat and buy two different bags?? Which satchel would you choose?


  1. They're beautiful! Personally I really like the tan as a 'sensible' option, and the yellow is fab too :-) also love the pink though - and just been on the website and seen a stunning blue one. Oh the choices!!

    1. Thanks Georgie - I'm not sure you've helped me make a decision! ;)

      I'm leaning towards a tan design, just need to choose a style and size. Think I need to see them in the flesh before deciding... x

    2. Hahaha no I've probably made your decision worse! The tan is lovely :-) can't go wrong with that either - and yes I think that's probably a good idea. I'm jealous, I want one now ;) x

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