Thursday 13 February 2014

Center Parcs February challenge - family fun indoors

With all the rain that's been hitting the country these past couple of weeks, having fun activities to enjoy together, indoors, are a must. Whilst it's nice to go out in the rain once in a while and splash through big puddles with welly boots, when you have a baby, going out in the rain can be too much of a faff and staying in when it's warm is where it's at.

The Center Parcs Blogger Challenge for February is all about having fun indoors. Here's what it's all about this month:

That’s why this month, we want you to create a fun indoor game that you and your family can play together, using things you already have at home. Whether it's making a puzzle out of a large printed photo, creating your very own personalised board game or even making your own family version of Snap – we can’t wait to hear all about the rules of the game, how you made it and, most importantly, who won!

Now, Ethan is only nine months old so we can't really make up a game just yet as his only rule is everything must be taste-tested by him before he plays with it! However, he's really getting to the stage where he can sit and play and amuse himself for quite some time. He's not quite able to enjoy a game as such but I am still playing with him by passing him a toy and trying to teach him to give it back. He's even learnt how to shake his head!

At the moment, until we can create picture puzzles or play dungeons and dragons with an upturned cardboard box and a sword made from tin foil, our current fun indoor activity involves Ethan playing with his building blocks, turning over his toy box to turn it into a drum, whilst daddy practices his guitar playing and mummy sings out of tune!

I couldn't carry a tune if I had a bucket but I do love my music and ever since Ethan was born, I enjoy making up silly rhymes and new medleys when I can't remember the words to 'Rockaby Baby', or any other nursery rhyme come to think of it! I particularly like songs which build up to add new parts in, like 'She'll be coming round the mountain' or 'Old MacDonald', which I can tell in a couple of years time could turn into quite a silly game for us to play together!

For now, hubs has a new guitar and is learning how to play some rock and pop songs, and Ethan has found a love for making lots of noise with anything and everything, so we could be a little family band in the making. I'm sure it won't be long before we have Ethan sitting behind a mini drum kit with daddy on guitar and mummy on lead vocals. Oh dear, pass those ear plugs now...

As you may already know, I’m proud to have been chosen as a Center Parcs Family Blogger this year and will be visiting Sherwood Forest village with my family in a few months time. If you would like to enter the February Center Parcs Blogger Challenge to be in with the chance of winning a place as a wildcard winner, just go the challenge page to find out how.


  1. Anonymous15.2.14

    Love this February challenge, looking at the challenge now xx

    1. You should definitely enter - you never know unless you try :)

  2. I'm hoping to pick up some tips from this months challenge

    1. Thank you for your comment Laura - with all this wet weather, we need lots of ideas on how to have fun indoors don't we?!


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