Tuesday 25 February 2014

Give it some lip

I'm a big fan of lippie and have amassed quite a big collection of tints, stains, glosses, crayons, sticks, liners and balms through my quest for the perfect pout.

Whilst hubs doesn't like it when I wear anything on my lips, I just have to have something to add some colour or keep them feeling soft. I'm pale and with my light blonde hair, I need an injection of colour, so I rely on painted nails, a flush on my cheeks and a slick of lipstick to give my look a lift.

I love peachy pink shades and with spring around the corner, I'm sure it won't be long before I start my love affair with all things coral again. A red pout really packs a punch whilst everyone needs a nude or a tone close to their own lip colour for a more subtle effect.

This season, there's three key lip trends to look out for and anyone can find a way to make them work:

1. One liner
- Lip liner is back ladies and no, don't worry, it's not about lining the outline of your lips with one shade then filling in with lipstick, like we are were all guilt of in the 90's / early 00's. Lip liner is now an on-trend way to build long-lasting colour. Choose a soft pink or red shade and carefully line the edge of your lips before filling in. Blot, then dab some balm with the pad of your finger or dot some clear gloss on top to add moisture and shine. This look is really strong at the moment and has staying power too.

2. Berry nice - Berry shades have been seen across the catwalks and whilst they may seem a little too much for some, gothic even, everyone can find a colour to suit. The trend is about looking good enough to eat, so think lips that have been stained with blackberries or strawberries and you're on the right lines. Tints and crayons are a great way to get this look without going too heavy and are perfect for day time wear. Try a few swatches out and see what works for you.

3. All about orange - The biggest, boldest look of all for lips right now is orange. Rihanna rocks a beautiful orange lip and it's a lovely fresh colour to introduce to your make up bag this spring. Go for an orange hue of red lipstick to really get the look or, to put your own spin on it, try a slightly peachy orange tone. I am a fan of mixing colours to make something different that works for you so why not try an orangey red lipstick base, blot, then use a  lighter peach toned lip gloss on top to soften the finished look.

Following on from #midsblogmeet at the weekend, I snapped up a rosy red lip liner and a lovely punchy peach lipstick from The Body Shop. Here's the liner - I wore it all day and loved the colour, which was soft and didn't dry my lips.

I really can't pout, I just look moody!

Which lip trend will you try?


  1. What a fab guide! I'll be looking for a one liner, as I too like just a smidgey of colour to avoid the washed out look.

    1. Thanks Cate :) I've never been into lip liner but The Body Shop one I bought has changed all that now!

      I love your new banner design, it's fab x


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