Saturday 1 February 2014

It just wasn't my day

Ever had one of those days you wish you could start over again? Or completely forget about? Where you just have that feeling that today's not going to be your day?

That was me on Thursday.

I've watched Derren Brown and I know that if you expect something or your focused on an idea, then that alone can influence how you behave and therefore what happens to you. Ok, I can take that. But Thursday, no, Thursday the gods were not on my side.

Most of it was just little things, little annoyances along the way, but they built up to make me one unhappy, fed up lady.

For starters, I was going to London for work for a second day running and, for the second day running, I somehow missed my train. After paying £89 extra to catch the one just 20 minutes later, I sat on the train and wrote this post. Little did I know what else the day would have in store for me.

I had two meetings planned for the day, with one needed before the other. Trouble is, the first one was actually supposed to be in Bristol, not London. The contact we were introduced to works from the Bristol office, not the London one we usually visit, I was told over the phone a little too late. Never mind, I'd paid for my train ticket and still needed to see the other people as time was of the essence, so I had the first meeting via the phone, sat at Euston station.

Then, just before I was due to meet the people for my second meeting, I received a call from Ethan's nursery to say he'd been sick after having lunch. As there was some sickness going around, as a precaution, they wanted me to collect Ethan and take him home. Not a problem, but of course, I was in London. I had to ask my mother-in-law to leave work at 12.30pm to collect him and she had to borrow a car seat from the nursery as I hadn't left ours. I'd had no reason to, as Ethan had been fine.

After my meeting was finished, I hopped on the next train back to Birmingham, skipping lunch and working on a proposal document all the way back (which I wanted to send but couldn't connect to the wifi in time - damn).

I picked up my car and went to see my little man. He'd been fine for my mother-in-law, just slept and had some soup then slept some more. Phew, I knew it was probably just a bit of reflux coming back.

We played and had cuddles when he woke up and then I fed him his dinner. Everything was fine until he was sick again. We had to put him in a large tshirt whilst we washed his clothing because everything he'd had at nursery was now dirty.

Just before I left to go pick Stephen up from the station, who had been away from us for three days, my sister-in-law said did I know someone had hit my car door. Expecting just a little dent from someone over enthusiastically opening their own car door onto mine, I was faced with this:

What. The. Hell?!

Of course, no details had been left.


It either happened whilst I was parked in the city centre (unlikely I think in an indoor car park but CCTV footage will help determine this) or whilst I was parked outside my in-laws' house, but the rear passenger door of my car sure took a beating.

So, calls to my insurer and the police were made. £300 excess would have I be paid if no perpetrator was found, they said. Come to the police station tomorrow and we'll see what we can do, they said.

Well, I'm not holding my breath.

As I said, lots of little things along the way made me think Thursday just wasn't meant to be my day but the biggest surprise was certainly left to the end.




  1. Anonymous15.2.14

    ohh no! What a bad day! I hope you have had better luck since! xx

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