Tuesday 11 February 2014

My new trusty moisturiser

My skin has changed quite a lot since pregnancy and having Ethan, not just because of the psoriasis that has developed on many different areas of my body. I used to have combinational skin which was prone to very oily spells, particularly around my t-zone, and face powder became my most reliable friend.

Now, my skin needs more nourishment and less blotting. Recently, it has started to feel dry and the effects of reduce sleep (teething baby + being back at work = tired looking skin) have taken their toll. I also have a big birthday around the corner, so I need a little more TLC than I used to...

Whilst I need a moisturiser that will help with any soreness, tightness or dryness, many I have tried leave me looking like I've rubbed my face in cooking oil - not the greatest of looks or bases for make up.

It was then that I read about My Trusty Little Sunflower Cream.

Developed within the NHS to be a highly effective moisturiser, My Trusty has been made to an original formula and contains 5% sunflower oil, which helps to replace essential fatty acids and is said to improve the texture of the skin as soon as it's applied. What's particularly great about My Trusty is it hasn't been tested on animals, it's paraben free, the original product is still manufactured at the Salisbury District Hospital pharmacy and 100% of profits from sales are reinvested into patient care. A pretty unique story, I think you'll agree.

So, how does a cream made by a hospital and containing the aforementioned cooking oil actually perform?


Honestly, I have never used a moisturiser that feels nice and effective when you're massaging it into your face AND soaks in so well that you're left with great skin tone and the perfect base for make up. It's easy to work in and you feel it does the trick for any dry or sore patches but it doesn't just 'sit' on the surface, it really soaks in.

There are two options available - unscented or lavender scented (with lavender essential oil), which I chose - the packaging is nice and it retails for £6.99 on the My Trusty website. Find out more about the My Trusty story here.

I thoroughly recommend this cream for anyone who wants something that simply works. The texture of the cream would work well with any skin type in my opinion and it really does feel very different to all those other high street brands. It promises to moisturise and improve you're skin's texture and that it does. Trust me.

* Note: I was sent a tube of My Trusty cream free of charge for the purposes of this review but all opinions as always are my own - would I lie to you readers, would I lie to you?

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  1. Anonymous15.2.14

    Love how this has not been tested on animals.. Sounds like a fab moisturiser! xx


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