Friday 14 March 2014

My letter to Ethan at 10 months

Ethan, you're 10 months old. 10 months! 

I've said it before but I'll say it again because it's true - every month, you change so much and your personality grows as you become your own person with your own mind. Over the past couple of weeks, you've learnt to shake your head and you find it hilarious when you do. You'll copy us if we shake out heads and now you have a cute little wiggle, where you wave your arms back and forth at your sides, whilst shaking your head really fast. It's so funny to watch!

On the day of your 10 month birthday, the tip of your first tooth started to ever so slightly poke through your gum. Both your front teeth are on their way and they cause you a little discomfort but nothing too bad so far. You've even started brushing your teeth! Well, mummy brushes them for you, but you do seem to enjoy it. I think you think the toothpaste is food but you're very happy to let me give them a little brush with your turtle toothbrush.

You've had some snuffles of late and a cough that has been lingering for a while. It's caused you to be sick a few times - mostly on mummy! - but you're still such a happy boy almost all of the time, no matter what.

The past few days, you've started saying 'nannannanna'. 'Dadad' is still your favourite but you are starting to make more noises (no 'mama' yet - come on baby boy, you can do it!), and we regularly chat with you as you sit there jibbering away.

Another new thing you've started doing is eating your feet. Yep! You've always loved your feet and hate to wear socks, but this past week, you've started putting your feet in your mouth when you're sitting down, even bending over to try and nibble your toes. It's quite a silly sight!

You're still loving nursery and everyone there thinks you're a little star, and of course, we have to agree. You're happy in the company of anyone and everyone you meet and you've been to see your Nanna and Gramps too this month. They hadn't seen you since just after Christmas so they were amazed at how much you had changed - particularly how much hair you have! We can't tell what hairstyle you're going to have but it's fun to play with it - we can sweep it over to one side or let it go all curly after a bath.

You reach out for us now when we hold out our hands and it's not going to be long before you're on the move. After leaning for toys when you're playing on the floor and getting a few bumps along the way, you are so close to crawling. If we put you on your tummy, you can push yourself up with your arms so far now and you can pivot on the spot, reaching for a toy and turning around to see what's behind you. You just need to get your legs moving and they'll be no stopping you.

You're first birthday is just around the corner and mummy and daddy are busy planning your party. We know that you won't remember it but we will and we want to make some wonderful memories that we can share with you when you are older.

Your first birthday happens to be a Bank Holiday so all of your family and friends are coming to celebrate, as well as some of your little friends too, whose parties you've been going to recently. Your party is going to be a teddy bear's picnic, with a soft play area for your friends, some fun goody bags and of course, lots of teddies! Mummy is even thinking of making your first birthday cake! 

In a couple of weeks, it's Mother's Day and I can't wait. Last year, when you were little bean in my belly, you sent me some flowers and a teddy bear saying you couldn't wait to meet me. This year, you're here and I can't wait to spend this special day with you.

I wrote recently about how things just keep getting better, and they do. Ethan, you are amazing and you make so many people so happy.

Happy 10 month birthday our precious baby boy. We love you so, so much.

Mummy x


  1. Lovely post :-)
    My daughter was the same, saying "Dada" WAAAAAY before "Mama" but it came eventually :-) x

    1. I'll just have to learn to be patient...! It'll happen one day x


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