Saturday 1 March 2014

New season, new coat

Something about the start of March has got me rather excited and looking forward to spring. From my neon orange nails (fab shade from Next for just £3) to my new lipspiration, I'm ready to brighten up my wardrobe and welcome the new season with open arms.

Hopefully the new season will bring with it some warmer weather and I've just bought the perfect coat to see me through to spring and beyond.

I spotted this longline blazer in Next ages ago and was rather taken by its shape and the bright red version in particular. If I could, I would buy the black version too as the style is so wearable. Its relaxed tailoring makes it a fab choice paired with jeans, a statement tee and converse but it equally looks the part with a dress or shirt and trousers for a more formal affair.


At first, I was unsure whether I could pull the look off. Short and not particularly trendy, I feared the coat made me look like a ringmaster in a circus or a red coat at Butlins - not sure which one is worse!

However, after posting the snap below on Instagram, I was convinced by some lovely ladies that I was being silly, so this is now my new go-to coat.

It's comfortable to wear, versatile (as long as I stick to a pallette of black, white, cream, grey and / or navy) and does a lot to lift my spirits too.

So, what do you think of my new coat for the new season?

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