Friday 18 April 2014

Easter to do list

It's become a bit of an Easter tradition for us to use the four day weekend to tackle those household tasks that pile up. 
Ever since we moved into our house almost eight years ago, we have taken part in an annual DIY project of some kind, making the most of the long weekend to really get things ship shape.

Last year, we were close to Ethan's arrival, so the Easter weekend was all about the finishing touches to his nursery and sorting out our long lost garden.

The year before, we redecorated the lounge and built an entertainment centre, and the year before we transformed our dining room into the fun, bright space it still is today.

This Easter will be about getting to grips with the oodles and oodles of 'stuff' that seems to have accumulated over the past year since Ethan was born. You know, the nooks you find to shove bits and bobs you haven't yet found a home for? We have a few. 

Although we don't have any big scale plans for our Easter Spring clean project 2014, I want to use the time we have to a) get things in order and reduce clutter, b) tidy the garden so we can venture outdoors soon, and c) enjoy some relaxing time as a family.

Here are the tasks on my Easter to do list:

  • Sort out the seemingly endless piles of paperwork that can be found in almost every drawer and on every shelf in our lounge
  • Pack away / give away Ethan's old clothes (which are currently hidden behind the chair and under the cot in his nursery), keeping the ones with specific sentimental value and letting go of the rest 
  • Clear out the kitchen cupboards of all useless clutter (we have a million mismatched tupperware boxes, I'm sure) and deep clean the kitchen
  • Tidy the patio, pull up weeds and mow the lawn
  • Create a photobook of Ethan's first year for his birthday
  • Update Ethan's record journals
  • Final plans for Ethan's birthday party
  • Wrap his presents (as I doubt I'll get the chance to again!)

What are your plans for this weekend? Do you save up your DIY tasks? Will you be brushing off the BBQ in the hope of sunny weather?

Whatever you're doing, have a great one!

Kelly x


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