Thursday 8 May 2014

Let's go outside

With the sun starting to make more of a frequent appearance now, one of my favourite things to do is head outdoors.

Last summer when Ethan was only a couple of months old, I spent almost every day visiting the local park or going for a walk down the canal, desperate for some sunshine and to enjoy the simple things in life. There wasn't a lot else we could do during the week whilst hubs was at work and Ethan was so young and it did him good to get some fresh air whilst helping me get a boost too.

Now that Ethan is a year old, he's much more aware of the world around him and a love of the great outdoors is something I hope we will share. He excitedly points at anything and everything that catches his eye, not least our dog and two cats, and it won't be long before he's tottering about taking his first steps, so the real exploring can begin.

There's so many great places on your doorstep that, with a little digging on the internet or asking people you know, you can find about and visit. The best thing about nature is it's all around and most attractions are free to enjoy, making it a brilliant choice for families.

From National Trust locations to areas of natural beauty, nature reserves, parks, canals, lakes and even your own back garden, there's lots you can start to enjoy with your children with the warmer weather on its way.

What could be easier than setting up your own scavenger hunt, based on the bugs, bees and bushes in your garden? Or add a paddling pool and start snapping away for a fun way to spend the day?

Ethan had a swing and a sandpit from his Nanny and Grandad for his birthday so we'll be setting those up soon and we've already been getting out and about more, enjoying picnics, walking our dog and visiting the ducks on the canal.

At the end of the month, we'll also be going to Center Parcs Whinfell Forest with our best friends to celebrate this blogger's big birthday (that's right, I'm 21 again!). I can't wait for our friends to see the lodge and for us all to enjoy the lake and walking through the woods. We went as a family of three in December and had a great time and now Ethan is older he's going to appreciate it all the more. Here's hoping for some sun!

We'll then be going to Center Parcs Sherwood Forest for my actual birthday at the start of July. This holiday break is part of my prize for becoming a member of the Center Parcs Family Bloggers Club this year and we can't wait. 

You could become a member of the club too if you take part in this month's challenge. I've just written about enjoying the great outdoors with my family and o=if you do the same and share your own photos, you could be in the chance of winning a place on the Center Parcs and Tots100 blogger team.

Find out more about the May challenge here - my favourite tip was to take selfies whilst you're out and about, to capture the fun you have outdoors, it's the only way to remember the moment if it's just you and your little one!

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