Wednesday 14 May 2014

Part one: why have one when you can have two?

You know how Carrie Bradshaw is addicted to shoes and that's her 'thing'? Well, I think I'm the same about bags! I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the changing needs of our changing bag and how I was on the hunt for a new one. I spent a long, long time searching online, comparing styles, focusing on features and generally trying to choose one perfect changing bag.

I didn't want one too small. I didn't want one too plain. I wanted one that would be 'just right'. Call me Goldilocks of the changing bag world.

What I was looking for, for our next stage of changing bag, was a bag that could do it all. I wanted to open said bag and see what I was looking for, rather than hunting around to find the Bongela / teething toy / my car keys. It had to be spacious, with lots of pockets and a good capacity for holding Ethan's change of clothes, snacks, toys and other nic naks we seem to accumulate these days.

I also wanted to find a bag that would work for both Ethan and myself. Sometimes, when you're in a rush or you're going out for the day, you just want one bag to take everything away in.

So, after comparing almost ever change bag there is to see, I chose one. A beautiful Mamas and Papas slouch bag, new design and very premium looking. Then, Zulily had a sale on Pink Lining bags, so I just HAD to snap up a Yummy Mummy bag at half price (sadly, they sent the right print but in the Blooming Gorgeous design by mistake, and no Yummy Mummy ones were left for me to swap it).

Here's a look at my new purchases, yet to be properly test-driven but both great quality, highly practical and totally gorgeous to boot. Today, it's my new Blooming Gorgeous Peppermint Bow bag from Pink Lining - I'll share my Mamas and Papas bag with you tomorrow.

Our new 'Every Day' bag

Although it's not quite the bag I had picked out (I've always wanted a Yummy Mummy bag!), it's still a Pink Lining bag with almost exactly the same design and features. The print is really nice, I like the contrasting brown handles and straps and it's good that design isn't overly girly and has a more grown up look to it. 

The exterior material is like oilcloth so should be easy to keep clean, there's handy studs on the bottom to make the bag hardwearing and help it sit nicely when put down onto the floor and there's plenty of pockets so I can open the bag and see where everything is.

The Blooming Gorgeous bag has a vintage inspired shape and has the following features:
  • Large canvas pocket on the outside
  • Two side flap pockets
  • Adjustable shoulder strap with sturdy clasps (really good quality, it feels strong and secure)
  • Two insulated bottle holders inside
  • Two large pockets, great for nappies
  • A pen holder, key fob, mirror and phone pocket - great for Mummy's things!
  • A padded changing mat
  • A wet zip bag
  • Measures 38 L x 25.5 H x 19 W

My verdict? It's easy to see why these bags are so popular. They come in a fab range of designs to suit all tastes, they're spacious and the materials used are of great quality, so you feel assured that your money has been well spent and the bag will withstand everything that family life can throw at it. 

Their usual retail price of £79.99 seems to place Pink Lining bags in the middle of the scale but they do have a lot to offer. I'm really pleased I got mine on a special offer at half price but feel that these bags are a great combination of style AND substance.

This will be our go-to everyday bag now as it can fit everything we need and will be great to use on the go.

Look out tomorrow for my review of the new Mamas and Papas Fenton Slouch bag... it's pretty special!

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