Tuesday 3 June 2014

My Aviva Stress Less Challenge - how did I do?

You may have read about how I was given the opportunity to take part in the Aviva Stress Less challenge and now, after two weeks, I'm feeling the difference.

You can read about why I wanted to give this two week challenge a go here, including the personalised tips I received from the Aviva experts, and you can read how I found this advice and what suggestions I was given for week two here.

The advice I have been given may seem simple but it's actually been really helpful. How often do you get expert advice that's meant just for you and your lifestyle? The aim at the end of the challenge was to choose one piece of advice to make a change for life, but now I feel like I could take all the advice on board and make these changes to my lifestyle for good.

Find out how I've found the challenge and what I've made of the advice Aviva has given me in my latest video:


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