Saturday 7 June 2014

My letter to Ethan - at 13 months

Hey buddy

How're you doing? You're one and a month now and already have changed a lot since we helped you blow out the candles on your cake.

First of all, you're finally on the move. Six days after your birthday, something just clicked and you decided that enough was enough, it was time to crawl forwards, instead of just shifting backwards and scooting on your bottom. Since then, you haven't stopped moving and almost immediately, you started sitting up on your knees. Now you kick one of your legs out too and we're sure you'll pull yourself upwards to stand soon. You actually did it the other day, one second when we weren't looking, trying to get to Daddy's dinner which he'd left on his plate, on the sofa, just out of your reach.

Oh, that reminds me - you're a cheeky one too!

The other week, when I was eating my dinner sat on the sofa, you crawled over, used my legs to help lift yourself up, then with one little hand, you swiped my broccoli clean off my plate and popped it in your mouth. You then did the same with a fist full of carrots, without the slightest hesitation. At least you like your vegetables I guess!

You chatter all the time and the sounds you make are more distinct, plus you get rather animated when you talk now too. Point, point, point. D-ohgh, d-ohgh, d-ohgh.

You're a keen waver and now, if we say 'say hello' or 'say goodbye', you know to wave. You have a funny wave too, with your little finger slightly bent and moving your hand in a circular motion, like you're royalty or something. You even wave goodbye to Watson in the mornings now too.

You're starting to get rather dramatic now with your gestures. You like putting your hands on your head like you're shocked at something you've heard and if you don't like something or don't want to drink your water, for example, you push us away, pivot on the spot and put your head on the floor with a mock cry. It's quite a funny sight to see - you silly thing!

In the past month, you've had your one year jabs and one year review at the doctors (you're doing just fine, you weighed 19lb 8oz and measured 74.5cm in height), you've been to another friend's birthday party and we've been away for a long weekend to Center Parcs Whinfell Forest. It was Mummy's mock birthday and we had a wonderful time with our friends. You were teething quite badly (you have seven toothy pegs at last count) so didn't enjoy the swimming as much as I had hoped but you were in awe of all the wildlife that came to visit us on our doorstep and you enjoyed the fuss everyone made of you.

We'll be going away again at the end of this month and as the weather is getting a little brighter and warmer, we will hopefully have lots of adventures outdoors.

It's one big adventure, getting to know you and watch you grow Ethan. And we have so many new adventures to enjoy together in the future.

I love you little man.

Mummy x


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