Friday 27 June 2014

The toddler tapdance

If you read yesterday's post, you'll know that Ethan's entered a new phase where I can't even look at the door without him bursting into tears. I don't know whether it's his age, the weather or if he's feeling under the weather but he's needed me to be close by the whole time we're at home together.

This has made the morning routine more than a little tricky. I'm doing a kind of tapdance routine trying to keep my almost toddler happy whilst also getting myself ready. I've affectionately called this the toddler tapdance.

Here's what it involves:

- Making a fort on the bed with the duvet as a moat and cushions as baracades to contain said toddler for a few seconds at least whilst you dash to the bathroom, grab your toothbrush, squeeze some toothpaste in haste and then dash back to catch your trixy little one before they crowd dive off the edge

- Sitting next to your baba so they can't make another dive for freedom, make up bag to one side, compact mirror in one hand, trying to apply your foundation before they reach round and start emptying the contents of your make up bag one item at a time

- Using one foot to block their descent onto the floor whilst you hastily try to apply your eyeliner without giving yourself  black marker pen flicks that even Amy Winehouse would have thought were too much

- Perfecting the run-to-the-bathroom-singing-Winnie-the-Pooh-for-the-quickest-pee-of-your-life

- Dancing down the corridor whilst your toddler is safe behind the safety gate bars, trying to keep them from crying, scooting left and right, grabbing a phone here, your bag there, your lunch and their  shoes on your return back down the hall, complete with jazz hands for their amusement, before running to the car to dump your stuff before all hell breaks loose 

This is my new morning routine. It certainly wakes me up, that's for sure!


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