Sunday 20 July 2014

Lovely lollies

Anyone feel like they're melting? We wouldn't be British if we didn't complain about the weather but it has been rather warm of late and I've certainly been looking for ways to cool down.

One way I've been keeping cool is by enjoying a tradition I took part in every summer when I was at school. Ah, those were the days! Stopping by the corner shop on the way home to buy a sickly sweet ice tube to enjoy, with the challenge being to eat it all before it turned into syrup slush. Or do you remember making your own frozen drinks? It was all the rage at our school to take an empty water bottle, fill it with squash and water, pop it in the freezer overnight and then take to school the next day for a cool way to cool down during the lunch break.

Well, you're never too old to make ice lollies in my book and this week, enough was enough - I needed something to help me get through the warm evenings.

I bought an ice lolly set from Asda for just £1.50, with space to make eight lollies, and quickly got to work. You may have seen from my picnic post yesterday that my new favourite light summer drink is the new Ribena Plus No Added Sugar Orange and Mandarin squash - it has a really nice flavour and worked great in my ice lollies too.

This month's Center Parcs and Tots100 blogger challenge is all about ice lollies and I followed their top tip to use a little more squash to make my lolly than I would to make a drink to get the best flavour.

The end result was a super summery ice lolly that I loved and even Ethan had some too (don't worry, this drink has just 0.7g of sugar per 100ml and is packed with vitamin A and C goodness), although he did seem quite shocked at how cold it was!

I also thought it would be fun to make a couple of adult versions too so I took a look in our drinks cabinet and made a JD and coke lolly for the hubs plus G&T and Pimms Blackcurrant and Elderflower versions for me - who said that ice lollies were just for kids?! Mmm!

I'm a proud member of the Center Parcs Family Blog Club 2013/14 and you could be too if you take part in this month's challenge - find out more here!


  1. Love the sound of he adult version lollies! :) x

    1. Think I might indulge in one now...!


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