Wednesday 16 July 2014

My letter to Ethan - at 14 months

Hi my special little guy

I'm a little late posting this letter but it's been a busy few weeks and yet again, reflecting on everything that's happened, I can't believe how much you have grown and developed since I last wrote to you.

First of all, you're standing. Standing tall. Standing proud. You learnt how around three weeks ago and as with everything you learn, you practiced and practised and now it's like you have always stood on your own two feet. So, from crawling to standing in just a couple of weeks!

Well, you've also started walking, holding onto the sofa or a coffee table. You first did this when we went to Center Parcs two weeks ago for Mummy's 30th birthday; we arrived at the lodge, you were exploring the lounge and then just decided standing wasn't enough, it was time to move those feet! Since then, you regularly shift around the lounge holding onto the furniture and seeing how quickly you have mastered this makes us think it won't be long before you take your first steps without the need of support.

You have gone through spells of being clingy when we are at home together, mainly when it's just you and me. I can't even move towards the door before you start to cry and if I do pop out to get a drink or something, you stomp over on your knees to the gate on the lounge door, stand up and start shaking the gate. It makes it hard to get things done and it can be upsetting to see you like this but it is nice to know you miss us even if we go out of your sight for just a few moments. You've enjoyed having lots of cuddles this month, hugging us back too, and this past week, you've started teething again, with tooth number eight and possibly nine coming through, which has caused you some upset on a few evenings.

Again, since last month, you've been chatting more and more and new 'words' that you like to say include 'cow' and 'moo'. You're also learning how to tell us what you want, pointing at glasses of water and very clearly saying 'doah!'. With this new confidence, you have started to test what you can and can't do. You've discovered that your finger can fit up your nose and when we tell you no, you slowly raise your finger up again to see what happens. Sometimes, if you're not happy with us telling you not to do something, you'll do a little smack on whatever is near by. Nothing serious, but you're starting to realise that there's some things you're not supposed to do and that doesn't always make you happy to be told so!

You have always been a happy and sociable little guy and what has been really touching this month is how you have finally learned to say 'Mama', knowing what it means. I often say it and tap my chest at the same time and you started copying me the other day - honestly, you made my heart melt! Hand in hand with this, you now give us kisses. For a while, if we say 'kiss!' you'll put your hand to your mouth as if to blow a kiss but now, if we ask you for one, you turn your head to face us straight on and lean forward. We don't always have to ask either. I was so excited when you started doing this last week and couldn't wait for Daddy to see you do it - and you did as soon as he arrived home!

You're personality grows by the day and you know what you want... and you're learning how to get it too!

We have had lots of fun over the past month, with our holiday break with Auntie Erin and Uncle Rob, Daddy's second Father's Day, your first paddling pool experience, your own swing in the garden and lots of activities at nursery too including pirate day.

You are a wonderful little thing who brings more and more smiles to our faces by the day. You're growing fast and will be joining baby room two at nursery on 4th August and I'm sure the next time I write a letter to you, there will be many more tales to tell.

Until then, enjoy yourself little one and remember Mummy loves you. So very much.

Mama x

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  1. Oh, this is lovely! Ethan will be able to read all these when he's older, bet he'll be fascinated. Great post :)

    Sarah xx


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