Sunday 6 July 2014

Past post: my first week as a working mum

It's incredible to think that I have been back at work for six months now, but here's how I was feeling after my first week back:

So, it's the end of my first week as a working mum. I survived! And so did Ethan! Phew, that's a relief. Honestly though, I knew that things would be ok. Ethan's nursery is warm and welcoming, he is very comfortable in the company of other people and I've kept in touch with my work throughout my maternity leave so going in on Monday morning didn't feel too daunting.

I've taken things slowly this week and tried not to do or expect too much. We've managed to leave the house on time which is a great achievement as we've not been used to early mornings and each evening, we've had family time, sat at the dining room table, eating a fresh meal I've prepared (thanks to my new #midweekmealsformumschallenge) and swapping stories about our days (Ethan for the most part just waves his arms around and makes funny shrieking noises).

It has been strange to adjust to a new schedule, as when I was on maternity leave, I could sleep when I wanted, eat whenever I felt like it and generally the day was laid out ahead of me with endless possibilities as to what Ethan and I could do. Tuesdays was our Yummy Mummy group, Thursday morning we went to Little Hub Club and Fridays we'd meet someone for coffee, go for a swim or Ethan would have his weigh-in at the doctors. 

Our new schedule involves an alarm at 6am, waking Ethan from his slumber at 6.50am to be forced into clothes, dropping him off at nursery at 7.30am, racing through city traffic to be at my desk by 8.30am, getting back into my role as head of division at a top PR agency until 5pm rolls around, then it's the same routine as the morning but in reverse. Wednesdays are my days at home and at the moment, hubs is working from home on that day too, so it's nice to have a bit of time together in the middle of the week to break things up. 

Worn out after his first day at nursery

The hardest thing for me is the drop off at nursery. Not because Ethan is upset in any way - touch wood, at the moment, he looks rather interested when we arrive and can't stop looking around at everything and everyone, but because I know we're not going to be spending the day together and someone else is going to be feeding, playing and cuddling with my beautiful boy. We've had eight months together, the world our oyster, and now we'll never have that time again.

It may sound silly and I know that things will get easier with time, I just need to learn how to become a working mum.


  1. Anonymous6.7.14

    Wow, 6 months already?! Crazy times...

  2. Anonymous8.7.14

    I loved reading this post! It was so touching and cute!


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