Sunday 10 August 2014

Home Style Sunday - cute crafty storage

I don't know about you but my weekends are my 'let's tidy up the mess from the week before' time. I try my best to keep things in order as the week goes on, but with an almost toddler who has his hands in everything and a hubs working away, things just seem to mount up a little.

I am a huge fan of storage in the home and I particularly love quirky, clever pieces that look great and store lots of bits and bobs.

So, for this week's Home Style Sunday post, I've picked just one item but it's a good one. 

You can probably guess where it's from, seeing as I often share my top picks from this shop. Yep, it's from Next. For me, on the high street, no-one does home styling better. They have practical but beautiful pieces and their prices are really affordable too.

This practical and cute house cubbyhole is perfect for keeping your nic naks safe; be it your loose change, spare batteries, drawing pins, ribbon, tape, receipts... basically anything which you struggle to find a place for usually.

This has shot to the very top of my wish list. It would be great for keeping my scrapbook items and embellishments in order but it would also be a fun way of storing jewellery too.

What would you use this handy storage solution for?

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  1. I've been renting a unit here for quite some time and I love this place (never thought I'd say that about a storage place, but there it is!). I've rented other spaces in years past, but the service and location here just can not be beat!


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