Wednesday 24 September 2014

Go coco-nuts!

I'm always looking for food and drink inspiration. I too often get stuck into the same diet routine, week in and week out, but I do like trying new things.

I have got in on the juicing scene of late as I want to make sure I get as many nutrients as I can and I have been doing a lot of reading about good things to add to my diet.

One of the things that's caught my eye in particular is coconut oil and coconut water. It seems to be a bit of a craze at the moment with every health food fanatic going nuts for coconuts but when you look into the reasons why, it's rather exciting.

Let's take coconut water. It contains naturally occurring potassium and is electrolyte rich which is why it's considered to be one of the best sources of hydration around. Many a yoga devotee has been converted to the wonders of coconut water and as such, it's becoming more and more mainstream with many high street stores and supermarkets stocking this alternative refreshing drink.

It seems it's not just for fitness fans, or adults alone for that matter. Vita Coco, one of the leading producers of coconut water drinks, has just launched a new kids range which combines coconut water, water and natural fruit flavourings for an alternative refreshing drink.

Ethan and I were sent some samples to try and because I had heard only good things about the benefits of coconut water, I was keen to give these a go.

Vita Coco Kids contains less sugar than other chilled kids juices and is as natural as natural can be, which is good to hear - no monkey business here!

Available in Apple and Blackcurrant or Mango and Pineapple flavours, these drinks are refreshing, light and just different to the majority of the other drinks available for children. (You can see the nutritional information and how Vita Coco Kids stacks up against other kids chilled drinks here).

As with most things I give to Ethan, I tried these drinks myself first to see what they were like. If I'd left it to Ethan, I wouldn't be able to tell you too much about how they tasted!

The flavouring is subtle, not overpowering or sugary like so many other drinks, and I genuinely liked the taste. I was happy for Ethan to try these for that reason and as he gets older, I think they would make for a healthier lunchbox or picnic option.

The packaging is very child-friendly too and there's lots of fun things for children to try on the Vita Coco Kids website, plus more information about the products and the benefits of coconut water can be found on there too. They're also on Twitter if you want to find out more.

You can buy Vita Coco Kids online via Amazon or find them in your local supermarket, with an RRP of £3.96 for a pack of four 180ml cartons.

If you want your children to try something different - perhaps they need a little encouraging to drink more by having a flavour to their drink - then I would recommend giving these a go. You might end up drinking them all yourself though, they're that nice!

* The Vita Coco Kids team kindly sent us a few cartoons of their coconut water juice drinks to try but I'm not monkeying around, we really liked them! Monkey pictured: models own, as are my opinions!


  1. They look very nice! May have to see if my little boy will try them x

    1. Give them a go, I'm sure he will! I saw them in Boots in the food to go section so they seem to be widely available.


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