Saturday 6 September 2014

My letter to Ethan at 16 months

Hey buddy!

How are you? Very happy I hope. Mummy's kinda tired today. You've had a few unsettled nights on the trot (teething's to blame we think) and the bags under my eyes are now suitcases. Perhaps you've just needed a few extra Mama cuddles in the night. Whatever it is, I know it'll pass soon as you generally are a very good sleeper - even if you don't want to go to bed before 9pm most nights!

Good news little man; Daddy will be home a lot more now as his new work project isn't so far away, so he doesn't need to stay away. He's very much looking forward to spending more time with us, and you in particular - you two are best friends. Mama's good for cuddles and we do have a great time together (we went to Thomasland at Drayton Manor this week, I'll be sharing our day out on here very soon) but Daddy can make you smile from ear to ear like no other. You two have a special bond and have a lot of fun together. Daddy swings you around in the air and knows how to really make you giggle and right now, as I write this, you're playing with Daddy and your new Happyland castle.

You love to play and we love to watch you. You're still quite the bookworm and will give us book after book to read, or will quite happily sit there flicking through a book for yourself.

You're chatting all the time and have added some new words to your repertoire: turtle, cuddle, toes, shoes and teddies.

You're getting fast on your feet but still need to hold onto something. You've even started climbing onto things, which can make us rather anxious! It won't be long now before you're walking as you're getting much more confident - then the real fun will start!

We've been to the National Forest Adventure Farm again, taking Daddy this time, and although it rained, we still enjoyed it. We also went to see Nanna and Gramps. Nanna hadn't seen you for quite a long time and you had a lovely time together. We took you for lunch and we even picked up your first pair of shoes. Gramps also looked after you for a couple of hours and you went to see the ducks and geese and had a lot of fun playing together.

It's been a month of milestones. First, we took you for your first haircut. You needed a bit of a tidy up and Daddy sat with you so you didn't fidget too much. Then there was your first pair of proper shoes, which we let you pick out for yourself. Now, you have a new chair in the dining room where you can sit at the table and feed yourself dinner, something which took you no time at all to pick up.

You also went to the dentist for the first time (not the most exciting of milestones, I'll grant you that) and although you really didn't enjoy it, mainly as you were tired and you wondered what was happening to Mummy as she had her teeth cleaned, but you got a Thomas the Tank Engine sticker as a reward.

Thomas is your new discovery. We put Cbeebies on for a little while each day, which you enjoy and dip in and out of, and every day when we get home from nursery, you point at the TV and say 'Pooh!'. It doesn't matter that you've seen it 60+ times before, Winnie the Pooh is your favourite thing and you become mesmerised - giving Mummy a few moments to get some things done! Thomas is a new programme we've introduced you to and you exclaim 'choo choo!' excitedly and dance to the music. In fact, you dance to a lot of theme tunes and tap or stomp your foot to the beat!

You're lots of fun as ever and every day, you understand and can communicate more. You wave at people when we are out shopping, smile all the time and play games with us. You crawl over to us and hug our legs or cuddle your teddies and say 'ahhh!' in such a sweet way. I love your cuddles, and your kisses if we're lucky enough to sneak one from you. 

You're just such a happy chappy and you are doing so well.

We are going to visit your Godparents next weekend and they're very excited to see you again and we can't wait to show you off; our wonderful, loveable little man.

Until next month, remember Mummy loves you so much and try not to grow up too quickly. Please.

Mama x

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