Saturday 4 October 2014

Bringing books to life

Many times before, I have mentioned my love of reading (which has somewhat wavered since having Ethan - it just sends me to sleep) and the love that Ethan also already has for books.

Even though the words are just marks on a page to him, he spends ages by himself, flicking through page after to page of his picture books before presenting us with one to read to him.

And again. And again.

The pictures ignite his young imagination and I can only hope that this is a passion that continues as he grows up.

Personalised books

His favourite book at the moment is something very special indeed. It's something that my hubs came across and ordered as a surprise.

It's called 'The Little Boy Who Lost His Name' and it's a book all about, well, a boy who loses his name and goes on a fantastical journey to find it again. He meets various characters on his travels, who each lend him a letter as they take pity on him.

Can you guess the surprise twist?

This special book is personalised to a T, as the story is built around your child's name. Each part of the story is pieced together according to the letters in their name and at the end, it reveals that the little boy (or girl) has the same name as your child.

When I first read it, and realised what made it so special, it really choked me up. It's so thoughtful and a wonderful story to read with your child as it's all about them in a way.

Even though Ethan is oblivious to the story, he is captivated by the book all the same and points to it on the shelf each night. He's even started saying the letters, pointing at the Troll in the tale and saying 'T!'

The joy on his face is just magical.

Book inspired interiors

And if you've got a little book worm on your hands like I do, or you're just a big kid yourself, then I've found just the thing for your home.

There's not a person I know who doesn't have a special place in their heart for Roald Dahl and his books are still treasured by so many. I have the treasury for Ethan and many of the other books waiting on the shelf for a time when I can delight Ethan with tales of witches and Chocolate factories and a cunning fox.

As a homely type of person, I'm always on the look out for new things for the home so you can image how excited I was to come across these fantastic Road Dahl inspired items from Leekes.

Duvet set, from £30 in the sale for a single bed

Cushion, £18 in the sale

Cushion, £18 in the sale

Duvet set, from £25 in the sale for a single bed

Crocodile cushion, £18 in the sale

I think that these are such special and unique finds which bring books to life in a really fun way. Leekes is a regional retailer with stores in Coventry, Bilston and a few in Wales too, but you can also buy online.

What would you choose for your book worm?

* This isn't a sponsored post - I just love these items and thought you would too!


  1. I've heard a few things about "The Boy/Girl who Lost his name" - I would have LOVED there to be a story about me when I was growing up. What a great idea to engage young children in reading.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  2. wow, love those Roald Dahl cushions x


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